Zingiber Zerumbet



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Zingiber zerumbet is fragrant and ends phlegm and cough.Names in Different Languages:

Hindi         :       Narakchur, Mahabhribach, Kali Haldi

Sanskrit     :       Avanti, Karpur Haridra

Marathi      :       Kali Harad, Narakchora

Gujarati     :       Kali Harad, Narakchora

Bengali     :       Mahamarich, Neelkantha, Kaalharidra

Latin         :       Zingiber Zerumbet


         Zingiber zerumbet is fragrant and ends phlegm and cough. It makes the voice clear and increases appetite. It keeps clean to the throat, heart and mouth. It helps in breathing and in the treatment of white leprosy and other skin diseases. Its use ends the stomach worms. Its qualities are like as turmeric and long zedoary (Kachur). It has fewer qualities than sweet flag root. It is also known as the name of Jangli Dry ginger. Fresh zingiber zerumbet (Narakchur) is used like turmeric.

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