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[ Z ] Related homeopathic drugs:


Specially, Zingiber medicine acts on the lungs

Useful in various symptoms:

Mind-related symptom:

The patient always suffers from brooding and feels fear by imagining about the real or unreal incidents by that he suffers from depression too. Give Zingiber drug to the afflicted patient to end above symptoms. 

Abdomen-related symptoms:

Zingiber is a beneficial remedy in the cases of stomachache, bad and clammy taste of the mouth, frequent belching, over thirst, rolling sound in the stomach due to stomach gas, retching, blood deficiency and vomiting of the drunken persons. The patient feels sourness in the stomach and sour taste of the products which he has eaten. The taste of the toasted bread remains in the mouth for many hours after eating. This medicine ends above symptoms completely. 

Stool-related symptoms:

Zingiber drug should be used to end the symptoms as dirty or mixed oil loose motions like water after eating the musk-melon and pain, itching and burning sensation of the piles moles. Taking this drug cures moles after drying at last piles is cured.

Cough-related symptoms:

Zingiber is a beneficial remedy in the cases of dry cough with sough in the left side of the throat, dyspnea due to lungs’ pain, and discharging excessive phlegm in the morning, chest pain like pricking-needle and asthma fits at the night by that patient has to sit to inhale. 


These symptoms aggravate by drinking dirty water and by eating musk-melon in the morning.


1st to 6th potencies of Zingiber medicine should be used to cure the diseases.