Zincum valerianum



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Zincum Valerianum drug is used to cure several types of diseases. This medicine is very beneficial in the cases of neural pain, hysteria, heart pain and symptoms of other diseases but especially this drug acts on the diseases of ovary glands. Zincum Valerianum drug is used in the symptoms as epilepsy which appears suddenly, hysteria with liver pain, pain which appears by itself and intensive pain in the left temple and lower jaw. This medicine is also useful to cure the child insomnia and relapsing hiccup.

Useful in various symptoms:

Head-related symptoms:

Zincum valerianum is an excellent remedy in the cases of being headache continuously, neural pain, constant headache, such headache in which patient suffers from insanity fits, pricking pain of the head and insomnia due to headache with melancholic condition.

Gynecology symptoms:

Zincum valerianum drug should be used in the case of ovary pain which begins from the ovary spreads to the lower organs rapidly. This medicine provides quick relief in above symptoms.

Symptoms related to the external organs of the body:

Zincum valerianum is a great remedy in the symptoms as intensive pain in the neck and back bone, instability with habit of moving the feet and sciatica.


1st to 2nd potency of Zincum valerianum medicine should be taken. This medicine should be used for some days in the symptom of neural pain.