Zincum metallicum


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Specially, Zincum Metallicum drug acts on the brain symptoms. This medicine acts rapidly to improve the tissues and ends the tissues related symptoms. Taking this medicine cures suppressed boils and pimples, and throws out contaminated fluid (a type of pus) that gets accumulated by the exudation of boil and pimples. This medicine ends symptoms of the neural problems and illusion. It also enhances life power. Zincum Metallicum is very useful in the cases of inactivity during disease, symptoms of the back bone, pain between the muscles and skin, stopped pus, hoarseness caused by fear, laziness, unconsciousness along with paleness of the face and the cold face.  

Zincum Metallicum drug is used to end symptoms as insanity with blood deficiency, diseases due to suppressing boils, symptoms related to the brain and back bone with chronic disease, shivering body, unconsciousness caused by dancing and feet inactivity.

Taking Zincum Metallicum drug ends deficiency of red cells in the blood and destroys bacteria, which ends red the cells of the blood.  

Useful in various symptoms:

Mind-related symptoms:

The patient suffers from memory weakness and does not like noisy atmosphere. He gets angry by light noise and does not like to do any work. The patient also does not like to meet or talk with someone. If someone says anything to him, he repeats that. The patient involves in the bad views and feels imaginary fear. He also suffers from insanity due to any disease, laziness, foolishness and little paralysis. For the treatment of such patient, use Zincum Metallicum drug.  

Head-related symptoms:

Zincum Metallicum is an excellent remedy in the cases of vertigo with sensation like he will fall down to the left side, headache due to drinking much wine, filled water of the head, feeling like head is rolling from one side to the other, such headache in which the patient keeps his head under the pillow, pain in the upper portion of the along with pain of the posterior veins, moving the head and hands itself, brain tiredness, head coolness, warmth of brain surface, hair fall, baldness and startling suddenly due to fear. Children who go to school and persons suffer from headache caused by doing much mentally work.  

Eye-related symptoms:

Zincum Metallicum drug should be used in the cases of pterygium, lancinating pain of the eyes, dropping excessive tears from the eyes, eyelids itching, sensation of pressure in the eyes with feeling like someone has pressed down the eyes inside the head, itching of the eyelids and inside corners of the eyes with pain caused by eyelids wound, hanged eyelids, moving the eyeballs, seeming half part of everything which increases by excited things, squint, glaucoma with intensive headache and redness and burning sensation in the sclera by that inside corners of the eyes are much effected.

Ear-related symptoms:

Zincum Metallicum is a beneficial remedy in these symptoms as tearing and pricking pain in the ears with ears swelling, and discharge of offensive pus from the ears.

Nose-related symptoms:

Zincum Metallicum drug can be used in these symptoms as sensation of wound on the upper portion of inside the nose and feeling pressure on the nose joint. This medicine provides relief from above symptoms.

Face-related symptoms:

Zincum Metallicum is an effective medicine in the cases of face etiolation, cracked lips, cracked mouth corners, redness and itchy pimples of the chin and pain rent from the face bones.

Mouth-related symptoms:

        Zincum Metallicum drug is used to end the symptoms as teeth looseness, bleeding from the gums, habitual of teeth grinding due to tickling in the teeth, bloody taste of the mouth, tongue blisters, pain during dentition, weakness and coolness and instability of the feet. 

Throat-related symptoms:

Zincum Metallicum is a great remedy in the cases of throat dryness, sensation of softness and dryness in the larynx and pain in the throat muscles while swallowing anything. The patient has to expectorate again and again due to adhesive phlegm in the throat. 

Gastric-related symptoms:

Zincum Metallicum drug should be used to end the symptoms as hiccup, retching, vomiting of bitter mucous, stomach inflammation, burning sensation of the chest due to eat sweet products, pain or burning sensation due to drink some wine caused by stomach problems, fast hunger in the noon, desire to eat early the food during the meal and sensation like stomach has ended caused by suffering from indigestion.

Stomach-related symptoms:

Zincum Metallicum is an excellent remedy in the cases of excessive stomach gas and stomach pain after taking the light meal, pain in the limited area under the navel, rolling sound in the stomach, stomach gripping, flatulence, surfeited with stomach pain, sensation of swamped stomach to backwards, pain, hardness and enlargement of the liver, kidney problems and gripping with pain of the stomach after the meal.

Urinary-related symptoms:

Zincum Metallicum drug can be used in the symptoms as retention of urine in which sitting the patient discharges urine, urine stops during unconsciousness due to gas trouble and incontinence urination is caused by sneezing, coughing and walking. This medicine provides complete relief in above symptoms. 

Stool-related symptoms:

Zincum Metallicum is a beneficial remedy in the cases of constipation, stool hardness after drying, spasm with cholera of children, green excretion, mucous discharge and brain symptoms due to chocking loose motions suddenly.

Symptoms related to the men diseases:

Zincum Metallicum drug is used to end the symptoms as testicles swelling with feeling strain to upwards, excessive penis excitement, illusion of the disease along with sperm ejaculation, hair fall and feeling strain in the sperm of the testicles.

Gynecology-related symptoms:

Zincum Metallicum is a great remedy in the cases of ovary pain specially in the left ovary, restlessness due to pain, excessive desire of sexual intercourse during pregnancy, irregularity of menstrual excretion, amenorrhoea of the pregnant woman, breast pain, nipples wound, menorrhagia at the night, amelioration in the all diseases during menses, restlessness, frustration and coolness with the all diseases, instability of the feet, sensitivity of the back bone and dry cough during or before menses.

Respiratory-related symptoms:

Zincum Metallicum drug can be used to end the several types of respiratory symptoms as burning sensation below the sternum along with feeling of pressure, chest contraction, sensation of cutting pain in the chest, throat irritation, cough which creates weakness and excitement that aggravates by eating the sweet products, child cough in which child squeezes its fists while coughing, trachea swelling along with chest contraction during asthma and dyspnea by throwing phlegm out.

Back-related symptoms:

Zincum Metallicum is very useful remedy in the cases of back pain due to touch slightly, stinging pain and strain between the shoulders, pain in the back bone, slight pain nearby last or first loin-vertebra which aggravates by sitting, sensation of slight burning sensation in the back bone, tiredness in posterior portion of the neck caused by hard working or writing and rending pain in the scapulas. 

Symptoms related to external organs of the body:

Zincum Metallicum drug should be used in the cases of weakness, shivering and titubation in the outer parts of the body, trembling in the several muscles, cracked heels, moving feet constantly, external varicose veins of the feet, excessive sweating from the body, unconsciousness with face yellowness, transverse pain specially in the upper organs and inability to tolerate touching the heels. The patient wants to walk by keeping whole sole on the floor too. This medicine provides complete relief in above symptoms.  

Sleep-related symptoms:

The patient screams while sleeping at night and jerks his body then awakes suddenly. He watches faint dreams during sleep and moves his feet too. The patient awakes suddenly with screaming while sleeping at the night. He also suffers from somnambulism. Give Zincum Metallicum drug to the afflicted patient to end above symptoms. 

Skin-related symptoms:

Zincum Metallicum is an effective remedy in the cases of varicose veins especially lower organs, sensation like something is crawling on the legs and feet by that patient does not sleep properly at the night, skin boils specially in the patients of blood deficiency and neural problems, itching in the behind pits of the thighs and knees and symptoms caused by suppressing boils and pimples.

Fever-related symptoms:

Zincum Metallicum drug is used to end the symptoms as fever along with frequent shivering which spreads to downwards via back, body coolness, excessive sweating in the condition of fever at the night and excessive sweating on the feet.


These symptoms aggravate by touching, during menstrual excretion, 5 to 7 o’clock in the evening, after dinner, drinking wine, resting, to keep on sitting and in the open air.


These symptoms are ameliorated by the exudation of saliva, while eating and after appearing boils.


Zincum Metallicum medicine can be compared with Agar., Ignatia , plumb., Arg., Pulsatilla., Helibo. and Tuberculinum. medicines.

If the exudation has been and patient is getting relief, Mosch. or Lakedv sten medicines should be used instead of Zincum Metallicum medicine.


Nux. or Chamo medicine.


3rd to 6th potencies of Zincum Metallicum medicine should be taken. It can be compared with some other medicines. These medicines are used after appearing some special symptoms in the patient as:

Zinc Aseticam medicine:  5 drops solution of Redimechar medicine or Zinc Aseticam drug should be taken thrice a day to end the symptoms as the diseases due to awaking at night, erysipelas, sensation of brain wound and diseases caused by less sleeping.

Zinc Brometam: This medicine is used to end the several types of symptom during dentition and filling water in the head.

Zinc Oxydetam: This drug is used to end the symptoms as retching, sour taste of the mouth, vomiting of children which appears suddenly, loose motions, bile vomiting, flatulence, diluet motions like water along with gripping, cold and fever with depression, face redness, excessive sleepiness, the inability of sleeping due to night mare, the diseases caused by insomnia and problems due to doing much mentally and physically work.

Zinc Sulphyu: Zinc Sulphyu drug should not be used again and again to cure the corneal opacity. This medicine is uses to end the symptoms as cornea swelling, tongue numbness or paralysis, shivering, unconscious and khilliyan of the arms and legs.  

Zinc Saynetam: Zinc Saynetam drug is used to end the symptoms as burning sensation of the brain membranes, burning sensation of the membranes which cover the brain and back bone, paralysis along with shivering and unconscious due to stomach gas.      

Zinc Arso: This medicine is used to end the symptoms as blood deficiency, habit of moving the feet, tiredness due to little work, frustration and diseases of the lower organs.  

Zinc Carbo: Zinc carbo drug should be used to end the symptoms as swelling with throat problems, swelling in the glands of palate joint and blue spots of the cartilage. 

Zinc Phaspho: This medicine is used to cure the skin ringworms like animals. 

Zinc muriati: Zinc Muriati is very useful remedy to end the symptoms as bad taste of the mouth and smell, greenness or blueness of the skin, desire of scratching the bed sheet and cold sweating in much amount.