Zenthoxylum Budrunga



Name in different languages:

Hindi            :       Jaladhari, Budrang

Sanskrit       :      Tejovati, Ashvaghan, Laghuvalkali

Marathi        :       Tejbala, Kokali, Tefal

Latin            :        Zenthoxylum Budrunga

Gujarati       :       Tejbal


           Zenthoxylum budrunga fruit is pungent in taste hot in nature, stimulating, digestible and nutritive. It increases appetite and helps to bring out phlegm. It is useful to cure inflammation of the respiratory pipe, heart diseases, cough, piles, indigestion, diarrhoea, tooth diseases and throat diseases.

           Zenthoxylum budrunga root is fragrant and increases sweat. It cures fever and makes menstrual execration normal.

           Grind fruit of zenthoxylum budrunga with caraway and give it to the patient with water, it provides relief in cholera. The person who suffers from rheumatism should take fruit of zenthoxylum budrunga with honey

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