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[ Z ] Related Medicines:

Name in different languages:

Hindi           :        Tumbroo, Tumbul, Tomar, Mohaphat, Nepali, dhania, Timpru, Tugru, Kabava

Sanskrit        :        Tumbru, Sourabh, Sour

Marathi         :        Nepali dhane, Chirfal

Gujarati        :        Tumbru fal

Latin             :        Zanthosylum


           Zanthosylum qualities are like Tumbru. Its fruits are pungent in taste, hot in nature, contractible and stimulating. Its root’s bark is fragrant, bitter and nutritive, and increases urine quantity. It is useful to cure indigestion and chronic rheumatism. Taking zanthosylum with honey is useful to get relief in disorders caused by amoebic dysentery. Taking zanthosylum bark provides relief in tongue disorders caused by leprosy and toothache.

           Its fruits are used for the treatment of flatulence, chronic constipation and diarrhoea.


Tag:  Jenthosylom, Genthosylum, Zynthosilum, Tombru, Tumro, Tombkoo