Yucca filamentosa


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Yucca filamentosa drug is used to end the several types of symptoms of the body. This drug ends biliary symptoms with headache. This medicine also should be used to end depression and irritation.   

Useful in various symptoms:

Head-related symptoms:

Yucca filamentosa is a great remedy in the cases of headache with sensation like upper portion of the head has displaced, shivering in the forehead arteries and red exudation discharge from the nose. 

Face-related symptoms:

Yucca filamentosa drug should be used in the cases of yellowness of the face and tongue, tongue coats and teeth marks on the tongue. It provides relief from the above symptoms.

Mouth-related symptoms:

Yucca filamentosa is a beneficial remedy in the case of bad taste of the mouth with mouth taste like rotten egg.

Throat-related symptoms:

Yucca filamentosa drug is used in the symptoms as pain in behind portion of the nose and upper portion of the liver to the deep which spreads in the back slowly and yellow or brown excretion with bile discharge. This medicine provides relief from above symptoms.  

Symptoms of the men diseases:

Yucca filamentosa is very useful remedy to end the symptoms as swelling and burning sensation in the upper skin of the penis with redness of the penis mouth and spermathorrhoea.

Skin-related symptoms:

Yucca filamentosa is an effective medicine to end red pimples on the skin.


Mother tincture and 3rd potency of Yucca filamentosa medicine should be used.