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[ Y ] Related homeopathic drugs:


Yoimbinum drug is used to end many types of symptoms. Specially, this medicine affects on the central nerves-system and respiratory centers. It excites the genitalia organs and enhances the sexual power, so normal quantity of Yoimbinum medicine should be taken. This medicine is used to end all the diseases of the stomach and chronic burning sensation. According to homeopathic principals, this drug is used to remove the accumulated blood of the genitalia organs. This medicine enhances blood in the milk glands of the breast and excites the activity of generating milk. Taking Yoimbinum drug cures menorrhagia and makes menstrual excretion normal.

Useful in various symptoms:

Head-related symptoms:

Yoimbinum is an excellent remedy in the symptoms as sensation of the face warmth with troubling situation, anorexia about everything with bad taste like metal, retching and belching

Symptoms related to the genitalia organs:

Yoimbinum drug should be used to end the symptoms as blood piles, internal bleeding, ureter inflammation, impotence and chronic penis excitement. 

Fever-related symptoms:

Yoimbinum is a beneficial remedy in the cases of rigor during fever, fast heat with sensation of hot waves in the body and sweating with body shivering due to cold.

Sleep-related symptoms:

Yoimbinum drug is used in the symptoms as insomnia and body tiredness due to insomnia. The patient awakes suddenly during sleep caused by remembering his life incidents. This medicine checks above symptoms completely.  


These symptoms aggravate by sexual excitement , during excretion and at night.


These symptoms are ameliorated by taking rest and sleeping.


Yoimbinum medicine can be compared with Apis, Belladonna , Cann., Cantharis, Ph-ac., Graphites., Kali-p., Lachesis, Lycopodium., Mercurius., Natrum Muriaticum., Nux Vomica, Op., Phosphorus. and Pic-ac. medicines.


3rd potency of Yoimbinum medicine should be used. 10 drops from 1 percent solution of Yoimbinum drug should be taken to enhance the sexual power.