There is group of round shaped small organs present in the tonsil pharynx and these are full of the lymph cells and enlarged cells and their mouth open on the surface of pharynx. Its lymph cells react towards the air produced infectious elements and food, which has been taken.

        Tonsil of single pharynx is present on the back wall of the nasal pharynx whereas joint tonsils of palate are situated in the cavity of tonsil between the arches of tongue palate and palate middle. Mostly, these tonsils are brought out by the help of surgery.

        In tonsillitis, tonsils are sticking from red, soft and greasy residue. Tonsillitis problem originates in the childhood or adolescence when immunity power is not fully developed and the body comes in the contact of different elements which enter through air and meal. After tonsillitis, serious infection changes into diseases of the heart, gastritis and kidney diseases.

Treatment of disease by yoga activity-

 All the diseases are cured by the practice of yoga activity. The patient gets relief in tonsil and throat-

Shatkirya (hathyoga)

Jalneti and gargling with salty water and kunjal kirya according to need.

Do the practice of yogic activities for all the parts of the neck-


Do the practice of surya namaskara, singha asana. trikona asana, matasya asana and sarvang asana.


Do the practice of mahaprana dhwani, ujjayi, nari shodhana pranayama.

Practice time

Do the practice of yoga activity for 15 minutes regularly.

Preksha (meditation in mind)

Concentrate on vishuddhi chakra and imagine about blue color in it.

Anupreksha (mind thought)

Think in the mind that- My tonsil is curing and I am feeling well. Think these types of facts in the mind.


Fruits juice should be taken many times in a day


Do not take too much hot and cold things, sweets and fried things in this disease.

Special disease-

        The practice of all the yogic activities should be done in the supervision of yoga guru. Meditate on the visudhi chakra in the mind. This chakra is present near the throat. Therefore, concentrate your mind on vishudhdi chakra, which is present in throat.