Thyroid Disease



        It is the disease of throat. Thyroid gland is present outwards in the sides of breathing pipe just below the larynx. Hormones named Thyroxin (T4) and triayod thyroxin (T4) keep on blowing in excessive quantity. There is a sharp effect of both these hormones on the digestive system. In it, there is manufacturing of tissues, storing of energy power, disintegration of tissues and use of energy originated in the cells.  

        In addition to, it leaves a hormone named kelsitonin outwardly, which play an important role in the digestion (metabolism) of calcium. The digestive activity reduces 50% than normal activity due to lack of hormones, which come out from it where as the digestive activity (metabolism) increases more than 60% due to excessive quantity of hormones. Hormones, which flow from the thyroid gland, are controlled by hormones, which flow from the pituitary gland.   


        Blowing of hormones in excessive quantity from the thyroid gland can be because of the disease named scrofula or graves disease. Mostly, this disease is found in women. Scrofula or thyroid enlargement is the main symptom of this disease. Thyroid gland increases two folds than the normal shape in it. There are two symptoms of this disease.

  • Swelling occurs in the back part of the eyes in this disease by which eyes come out. It is called swelling of the eyes.
  • High rate of metabolism than the normal rate. There are many impacts of this high metabolism in which diseases as fast speed of the nerves, high blood pressure in the body, excessive warmth in the body, red spots on the face and other symptoms of this disease occur. The weight of the human body keeps on reducing and neural energy becomes high in it by which excitement originates in a person and there is a trembling in the hands. 


        If there is some secretion of hormones of the thyroid in the embryo condition, childhood or in youth condition, it causes dwarfism and mixidima. There are two simple symptoms of dwarfism as dwarfism and dolt. Slow development of youth and yellowness of the skin appear in it. Roundness of the face, thick nose, big, thick and outward tongue, fluffed stomach and others are the characteristics of dwarfism.

        Less temperature of the body, slow speed of the heart and laziness can be seen in dwarfism. In the same way, slow speed of the heartbeat, less temperature of the body, sensation of cold, sensation of cold in the hair and skin, muscles weakness, laziness, gaining of the weight and other are the symptoms of myxedma like dwarfism. The heart does excessive work due to slow speed of the heartbeat by which the shape of heart increases. Myxedma is found in women more than men.

Treatment by yoga-

        The patient gets relief in throat diseases by doing the practice of yoga activity regularly. The person gets mental and physical relief.

Yoga activity for the neck-


Do the practice of sarvanga asana, matasya asana, vipritkarini mudra, surya samaskra and pawan mukta asana.


Do the practice of ujjayi and nari shodhan pranayama.

Practice time

Do the practice of yoga for 20 minutes daily.


Do the practice of jalandhara bandha in it.

Preksha (Mind meditation)

Concentrate your mind on vishudhda chakra and feel lotus of blue color in the mind.

Anupreksha (Mind thoughts)

Sit in meditation position and during breathing activity think in the mind that ‘My thyroid glands are becoming well slowly and hormones of this gland are becoming equal and al the diseases are curing, which occur due to hormonal disorders. Think so in the mind


Mostly, this disease occurs due to the lack of iodine quantity in the body, so take much quantity of iodine in the food.


        The practice of yoga activity should be done according to yoga guru. Do the practice of prekshadyan after asana and pranayama. Sit in any asana for prekshadhyan and imagine in his mind that vishudhda chakra is present near the throat where there is a blue lotus.