Nose inflammation, which spread due to germs, is a common cold-catarrh related disease. Common symptoms of this type of common cold are found in the beginning condition of many types of diseases, which affect the upper air digestive tract. There are uncountable germs of serum category in it, so patients remain sensible towards germs throughout life. Headache, nose contraction, watery nasal swelling, sneezing, common perturbation with the throat inflammation etc. are the characteristics of spreading germs. Redness of the nose, phlegmatic membrane with swelling, blowing water, offensive water which flows from the nose etc. are the symptoms of increasing the germs.


        The exudation, which originates by the phlegmatic membrane of para orifices, comes in nasal cavity. Origin of inflammation in the phlegmatic membrane because of allergy or infection is called sinusitis. Excessive swelling of the membranes stops the flow of the nasal cavity. The pressure of liquid increases on the para nasal orifices consequently headache of sinus originates. Sometimes, there is swelling and redness on the forehead and throat bones with headache. Sometimes, this headache becomes unbearable and produces inflammation in the eyes.

        If this disease is not treated properly, this disease turns into chronic disease and it can be stay for many months or years. A type of layer of the infection originates which cannot be treated with any machine. Many types of problems of the breathing system can occur by it.

Nasal inflammation due to allergy-

        Symptoms of pragaja fever and inflammation of the nasal glands are same but the symptoms of paragaj fever are very obdurate, which appears after long time, and keep diversities according to weather. Eyes inflammation originates with the symptoms of nasal disease because of which fast itching, red pimples on the skin and excessive water flows from the eyes. It is considered as a condition of allergy in medical science, which originates after coming in the contact of any outer or internal important things as dust, dirt, weathers and foodstuffs.

        Sensitivity of T-cells and B-cells of a person is the basic cause of the origin of pragaja fever in the person, which originates after coming in the contact of such things by which a person suffers from allergy. After coming in the contact of such things, this fever reacts in too much inflammation.

Treatment of disease by observing yoga activity-

        The person can remain far from the allergy by the practice of yoga activity. The patient of allergy and pragaja fever should do the practice of yoga activity of shatikriya, asana, pranayama and other activities.

The practice of different activities for the disease-

Shatikriya (hathyoga)

Do the practice of jalneti, kapalabhanti and kunjal activity.

Yogic activity for neck and brain-


Do the practice of surya namaskara, pawan mukta asana, uttanpada asana, singha asana, bhujanga asana, dhanura asana and matsya asana.


The practice of nari shodhan, surya bhedi pranayama and bhastrika pranayama should be done for five minutes five times in a day.

Practice time

Its practice should be done for 20 minutes daily.

Preksha (meditation in mind)

Concentrate on the nasal pipe and feel yellow color on the face.

Anuprekasha (Mind thought)-

After the yoga activity, think in the mind during anupreksha that “sinusitis and pragaja fever are curing slowly; allergy elements are coming out from my body and I am becoming healthy”. Think so in the mind.  


Always fresh water should be drunk in sufficient quantity. Take light and such food, which does not generate phlegm. Take daily steam and keep the body warm. Save your body from cold.


Do not take heavy food, ice, cold substance. Smoking is not permitted too.


        The practice of yoga activity should be done daily in the supervision of yoga guru or by taking advice of a yoga guru. Keep your mind calm and tension free during the practice and keep your body away from things which are allergic.