Rheumatism is a disease, which is related to the joints of the bones. Some common diseases in them are as- rheumatoid arthritis, swelling of the joints and gout. But in all these, inflammation is found in one and many joints of the bones. In addition to, headache and hardness in the bones’ joints and muscles are found.

Rheumatoid Arthritis -

        This is a chronic inflammation disease, which occurs in the bones. Nobody knows the reason of it till this day. In this disease, the body attacks on its walls of the upper bones, joints and tissues consequently joints pain, swelling, pain and problems while doing works and other problems occur. Its effect affects both the knees but left knee is affected more than the right knee.

        After the inflammation of the mucus membrane, a chain of changes is the basic symptom of this disease. The membrane becomes thick and secretion of mucus starts to gather because of which there is a pain and touch movement originates. In this case, the membrane produces a rare kanankuran tissue named nakhuna which is sticking to the layer of joint cartilage. Sometimes, the formation of nakuhua destroys to the cartilage completely. When the cartilage destroys, the fibrous tissue meets with the open end of the bone. This tissue fills to the joints by becoming bony by which it becomes unmovable. This is the last form of rheuotmoid   bones fill the joints beside this tissue by which it becomes motionless. This is the last form of the rheumatoid rheumatism and there is a final impact of disability in it.

Swelling of the bones’ joints-

        Swelling of the bones’ joints is such type of disease, which can take people of any age group in its grip. It can occur in any season and any place. Billion males and females are the victim of this disease. It has been found that 90% people who do the work of lifting weight become the victim of this disease. Symptoms of this disease increase as the age grows slowly. In this disease, destroying cartilages and making bones on the joints stop and there is a little inflammation in this disease. Cartilages start to destroy slowly and as the endings of the bones become bare, new bony tissue start to gather on them. These reduce the place of the cavity of the joint by which the movement of the joint becomes limited. Mucus membrane destroys hardly and other tissues remain unaffected from it.

        There is difference between the rheumatoid arthritis and arthritis of bones swelling that rheumatoid arthritis affects big joints as hips, knees and other joints whereas second one affects to the joints of small bones.

Rheumatism like gout-

        There is a production of residue substance named uric acid during the metabolism process of central acid. The patient who suffers from gout either produces excessive uric acid or the person is not able in excluding the normal quantity of uric acid. The quantity of acid increases in the blood by it and extra quantity of the uric acid produces sodium aureate crystal by meeting with the sodium and this sodium aureate crystal gathers in the kidneys and cartilages.

        In the rheumatoid arthritis, sodium aureate crystals gather in the soft tissues of the joints. These crystals excite to the cartilages by which inflammation originates.

Treatment of rheumatism by yogic activity-

        The practice of yogic activity can be done in case of rheumatism. By the practice of yogic asana, pranayama or other activities regularly provides relief in the disease.

Shatikriya (Hathyoga)

The practice of complete or small shankha prakchlana activity should be done once in 15 days in need. Do the practice of kunjal and neti activity in this disease too.

The practice of all the yogic activities for all the sandhis:


Pawan mukta asana, shashanka asana, bhujanga asana and dhanura asana.


Do the practice of nari shodhana and bhastrika-pranayama.


Do the practice of yogic activities for 30 minutes regularly.


Do the practice of deep breathing activity after asana and pranayama.


Concentrate on the joints with breathing and think that improvement is coming in joints.


Include chapatti, rice, millets, cluster bean in the meal. Take boiled and green leafy vegetable in excessive quantity. Take fresh seasonal fruits and lettuce.

Special note-

        In this disease, the practice of hathyoga activity should be done in the supervision of any yoga guru. When you do the practice of deep breathing activity after finishing yoga asanas, think in the mind that “My joints pain is vanishing, the fresh air is flowing into my body by doing the practice of breathing activity and I am becoming healthy”. While thinking so in the mind, do the practice of anupreksha activity. By generating such types of feelings in the mind, the patient gets many benefits.