Peptic Ulcer



        Peptic ulcer originates in the wall of the tract of digestive system like the craters, which are in the contact of the digestive secretions. These wounds originate when normal phlegmatic safety elements become disturbed or suppress from the acrimony or acidic and pepsin and other causes of cavities. Sometimes, these wounds develop in the lower part of the pharynx, but mostly they take birth on the parts of less crookedness of the stomach, they are called wound of digestive system. When this wound occurs in the first part of the duodenum, it is called duodenum ulcer. 


         Peptic ulcer originates because of the safety, which is sent by the phlegmatic wall of the duodenum and stomach and reducing the capacity of the juices of the duodenum and blowing more digestive juice than the capacity of it.

        There are many substances, which increase the quantity of acidity in the body as smoking, use of alcohol, coffee, esprine, some medicines, excessive excitement of the vagus nerves and excited feelings. This disease is found in women in less quantity than the men. It can occur in any condition but mostly duodenum ulcer is found in the person of 30-35 years old. Stomach ulcer is found in the people who are in the age group of 55-70 years in excessive quantity. Ulcer occurs because of the use of medicines which are taken for the treatment of inflammation for a long time and smoking. Ulcer has no relation with the alcohol and other types of eating substances. Tension is considered the main cause of this disease but the role of this disease is considered indefinite.   

        Bleeding is the first problem of the peptic ulcer of a common complication whereas second problem is presence of hole in the wall of duodenum or stomach. Germs and fully digestive food reaches in the peritoneal cavity after the presence of hole in wall of the duodenum, which creates inflammation on the external wall of the stomach. Third problem is of bleeding. When ulcer mixes in the bleeding pipe, blood is destroyed rapidly.  Therefore, the condition of death originates because of increasing mental weakness.

To cure disease by yogic activities-

        Do the practice of yogic activities to cure all types of stomach ulcer. The practice of this yogic activity should be done regularly.

Shatkriya (hathyoga)

Do the practice of neti and laghu shankha prakshalana activity.

Yogic activities to make stomach parts strong-


Do the practice of surya namaskara, pawan mukta asana, shansha asana, shava asana etc.


Do the practice of bhramari and nari shodhan pranayama.

Practice time

The practice of this yoga activity should be done for 35 minutes regularly.

Preksha dhyan

Concentrate on white color while doing yoga practice and take knowledge of whole body.

Anupreksha (Mind thoughts)

The meditation of filling wound should be done in the mind while doing the practice. The person gets benefits by it.


In the beginning of disease, take only milk, fruit juice, light liquid food and mixed heap.


Do not take much spicy and heavy food and remain far from smoking and drinking.

Special note-

        Do the practice of all the yoga activities carefully after taking advice of any yoga guru. There is a technique of preksha dhyan in which the meditation of the whole body should be done while imaging any thing of white color. In anupreksha, think in the mind that “all the wounds of walls of the digestive system are becoming well, my blood is purifying by the flow of fresh air and the wounds of my body are healing up.