High Blood Pressure



        High blood pressure is a common disease which affects the blood conduits and heart. Normal blood pressure of any person is considered 120-80. Border linear high blood pressure, which is also called diastolic pressure, is considered from 85 to 90. Light high blood pressure is considered between 91 and 105 and it is called diastolic pressure whereas middle high blood pressure is considered diastolic pressure between 105 and 115. Alone systolic high blood pressure is systolic pressure and systolic is 160 if the diastolic pressure is less than 90.

        Till now, making high blood pressure normal and determining category was done according to calculation of the blood pressure. But, this fact had been searched long before that rate of disease and death keeps on increasing as the the diastolic and systolic blood pressure increases. After the age of 50 years, systolic blood pressure of any person is a good symbol of his problems.

        High blood pressure occurs because of increasing the quantity of emergent of the heart basically or because of sub linear retention or because of both. In real, the main abnormality of clear matters of high blood pressure is sub linear retention and this retention originates because of increasing the cavity of artery abnormally. It is the main cause of high blood pressure almost in 95 percent people and in this condition it is considered high blood pressure or basic blood pressure. Kidney diseases and secretion of adrenal glands give the knowledge of high blood pressure.

        High blood pressure generates many types of diseases. Mostly, this disease (high blood pressure) affects the heart. The person, who suffers from this disease, has to flow blood to the right ventricle in the opposite direction of the increased pressure of artery by which there is an augmentation in the muscular lump. It is helpful in working in the form of pump of the heart in the beginning of high blood pressure but changes start to come in the structures of muscles and characteristics slowly.

        The capacity to contract the heart reduces and the heart starts to stop. In the case of high blood pressure, one becomes the victim of heart attack, neural diseases in the kidney and brain (retention of nerve) or bursting of the nerve.  There is loss or harms to the cerebral conduits if condition of high blood pressure is present for long time. In this case, there is much pressure on the conduits which supply blood in the brain. Excessive pressure on the conduits makes them weak and there is a secretion of blood in the brain. 

        Thus, high blood pressure harms to the brain first and then to the kidneys. High blood pressure, which remains all the time, make the cavity of the arteries, which supply blood in the kidneys) thin by which blood does not reach in the kidneys properly.  In this condition, kidneys excrete rennin for their self-safety but blood pressure becomes high by it and the condition becomes much serious. If the blood does not reach in the kidneys in proper quantity, different cells of the kidney start to destroy by which there is a fear of the origin of many types of diseases. Thus, high blood pressure generates many types of diseases and also makes the breathing speed fast.  

Treatment of high blood pressure by yoga activity-

        The blood pressure can be controlled by the yogic activity. By doing the practice of these yogic activities, diseases can be cured soon. Anger, weakness and other problems which originate because of high blood pressure also disappear by it.

Shat kirya (hathyoga kirya)

Do the practice of jalneti and kunjal kirya

Yoga activity for the chest and neck-


Do the practice of tara asana, pawan mukta asana and shashank asana.


Do the practice of chandrabhedi pranayama.

Practice time

The practice of yoga should be done for 30-90 minutes or you can also do it according to your physical capacity.

Preksha (mind meditation)

While doing the practice, imagine about the whole body in the mind and feel blue color.

Anupreksha (Mind thoughts)

Think in the mind that “I am feeling well slowly while doing the practice. Pure air is entering into my body and I am feeling supernatural power. 

Emotion of mind in the life

Live always tension free and peaceful life.


Take food rich in calcium and potassium. Always take normal food. 


Use of wine, cigarette, tobacco and coffee is not permitted. Use salt and oils in a little quantity. Do not take heavy and excessive food.

Special note-

        The practice of yoga should be done in the care of yoga guru carefully.