Misplacing of the intestine from its place is called hernia. Sometimes it comes in the testicles and sometimes slips below the abdomen or navel. It is of many kinds according to place as stragulated, ambelican, etc. A person feels pain very much when the intestines misplaces from its place.   

       It is called excluding of small intestines too. Especially in men, it comes in the testicles after coming out from the tube of testes. This testes fiber ligament is in the form of swelling in women. This swelling disappears if it is pressed from the below side and it is its characteristic and swelling returns if this part is made free. The victim of this disease should eat less as much as he can. It keeps a person far from the constipation. Remember one thing that much pressure should not be given at the time of evacuation of stool because it may be the cause of slip of intestines. 

Both male and female can become the victim of this disease. There are three kinds of this disease-

  1. Inguinal hernia
  2. Umbilical
  3. Femoral hernia 

Inguinal hernia-

        This type of disease occurs in the joint of the thigh and in it the intestines slip in the testicles with the help of thin pipes of the thighs. Mostly, this condition originates before the birth. There is an enlargement in the size of the testicles because of slipping hernia affected organ into the testicles. There is a difficulty in differentiating between hernia and hydrocoel because of swelling. This is external hernia and it is found in mostly in men. About 70% hernia belongs with it.  

Umbilical hernia-

        This is a common hernia. The quantity of the origin of this disease named hernia is about 8-10%. It occurs at the time of birth or in prehistory. Mostly, fat persons or persons whose stomach muscles are weak or aged persons become the victim of this disease. Pouch of hernia comes out from the navel in it because it is the weak muscles of the stomach.

Femoral hernia-

        This hernia occurs in 20% persons. Mostly women become the victim of this disease more than men. In this disease, stomach substance comes out by the mouth situated in the artery which goes into the thigh on the front side of the thigh. This artery supplies blood in the leg.   


        Hernia disease occurs because of many causes. This disease occurs because of inborn weakness of the stomach muscles or nervous system or in the beginning of the development of a child.

        When any male or female lifts any heavy thing with jerk without any care, muscles and nerves burst and the disease named hernia emerges.

        The condition of the stomach in which pressure increases in the stomach originates hernia. Hernia takes birth in old persons because of prostrate gland, retention of urine, smoking, cough and excessive constipation.

        Hernia occurs because of sitting in one condition for long time, want of physical exercise, weakness of the stomach muscles, obesity (fatness) and eating too much food than the need. The stomach muscles give pressure downwards in such condition by which the stomach comes out properly.

        This disease takes birth because of increasing pressure in the stomach at the time of delivery and pregnancy.

Treatment of the disease by yogic activity-

        The hernia is cured by the practice of yoga. It is very beneficial sadhana and all the patients of hernia should do practice of it.

Shatkriya (hathyoga activity)

Do the neti activity in this disease and do the practice of laghushankha prakshalan activity once a week.

Do the practice of yogic activity for chest, stomach, kati, and legs-


Pawan mukat asana, uttanpada asana, sarvanga asana, paschimothan asana, matasya asana, vajra asana or shankha asana. Do the practice of any asana in the asanas as mentioned here.

Mudra and bandha

Do the practice of ashvini mudra or vajroli mudra or mool bandha.


Do the practice of bhramari pranayma or anulom-vilom pranayama or do the practice of bhastrika pranayama with internal kumbhak


Do the practice of this yoga for 30 minutes daily.


At the time the practice of pranayama, concentrate on the stomach muscles, intestines, rectum, rectum muscles and anus pipe.

Anupreksha (Mind’s thoughts)

At the time of the practice of breathing activity, think in the mind that “My stomach muscles are becoming strong and disease is vanishing slowly”.

Special note-

        The practice of shatkriya, which has been described in yogic activity for the treatment of hernia disease, should be done carefully and in the supervision of any yoga guru. At the time of the practice of pranayama in it, concentrate on the stomach muscles and feel that stomach organs are becoming well.