Headache is a common disease. Nobody has knowledge about the real causes of the origin of headache. Causes of headache can be known on the base of acuteness, place, period and main symptom of the head and neural symptoms.

      In the comparison of chronic headache, the relation of unbearable headache, which occurs in any healthy person, can be attached with the sabaracno hemorrhage or meningitis etc. or internal skull disorder. Headache which create problems in sleeping, headache caused by excessive hard work or headache in the form of fits can occur due to any structural wound in the body because neural symptom originate as excessive sleeplessness, observing many types of pictures while sleeping, changed mental conditions and other symptoms in mostly headaches.

        Mostly, chronic headache belongs with the migraine or depression or insanity. Besides it, this disease can be jointed with the wound, which originates in the skull, brain hurt, cervical spondylitis, teeth or eyes diseases, sinusitis, high blood pressure and other types of common treatment.   

Well five causes have been found of originating headache-

  1. Headache caused by tension
  2. Headache caused by despondency
  3. Headache caused migraine
  4. Headache caused by drinking wine
  5. Headache caused by constipation

Headache caused by depression-

        In such type of headache, some other symptoms along with the in inconsistency of the mind appear clearly. Besides it, the headache, which occurs daily, can occur due to sentimental depression, tiredness and noise too. By the way, this type of pain can occur anywhere, but it is occurred in the neck or between both the temples. 

Headache caused by destruction-

        Mostly, this type of headache occurs after getting up from the sleep for a long time. In addition to, the patient has the symptoms of insanity. Sometimes, this headache belongs with the somatic confusion (wandering of the mind).

Headache of migraine-

        Migraine is a special type of pain. This headache is considered abnormalities of channels but nobody knows its real causes till this time. Normally, such types of symptoms originate before half to one hour of the beginning of headache. Mostly, this disease occurs with nausea or unclear light in some parts of the eyes and bedazzling.

Headache caused by sura-

        Mostly, this type of headache occurs due to taking intoxicting substances. There is a stimulating effect on the tissues after the use of these types of substances by which the cover of the tissues become excitement. Headache occurs in the mind due to such type of excitement, which is called headache caused by wine.

Headache caused by constipation-

        There is also another cause of headache too, which is called headache caused by constipation. Headache occurs due to excessive constipation, circumgyration or use intoxicating substances. Sometimes, there is a temporary loss of plasma in the intestinal walls due to constipation in the stomach by which the brain does get blood in sufficient quantity in the intestinal walls. It may the cause of headache.

Treatment of headache by preksha yogic activity -

        Do the practice of yogic activity for the treatment of headache. A person gets relief in all types of pain by it. The practice of this activity should be done after consulting to any yoga guru.

Shatikriya (Hathyoga activity) - Do the practice of kunjal or jal neti.

The practice of yogic activity for the neck and brain-


Do the practice of surya namaskara, pawan mukta asana and sarvanga asana.


Do the practice of nari shodhana or bhramari pranayama.

Time of practice

Do the practice of yoga for 30 minutes daily.

Preksha (Mind thoughts)

concentrate shining white color  during the practice.

Anupreksha (Mind  thought)

While doing the practice of yoga activity, think in the mind “my headache is curing and I am feeling better slowly”. Think such types of thoughts.


Take the food of without spices viz the normal and vegetarian food should be taken in headache. Do not take such type of foodstuffs which create constipation in the stomach.


Do not take meal in excessive quantity, heavy food, cheese, chocolate and wine.

Special note-

        The practice of yogic activity should be done carefully in the supervision of any yoga guru.