There are many symptoms of the disease named diabetes. The quantity of sugar (sweetness) is increased in the patient’s blood in this disease. This disease is called sugar blood (sweetness in the blood) because of increasing sweetness in the blood. Sugar quantity increases in urine in this disease by which a type of substance like honey keeps on coming out with the urine from the urinal way. Diabetes is such disease about which the patient knows after long time.

        Today, people know it by the name of Diabetes. This disease occurs slowly. Its effect reduces body strength. Mostly, this disease is found in fat person. Before some decades, this disease was found in the people between 40 d 50 years but nowadays small children are becoming the victim of this disease. In this disease, pancreas gland, which changes sugar present in the blood into energy, is not able in doing its work properly by which diabetes disease occurs.

There are three main symptoms of this disease-

  1. constant urination
  2. Excessive desire to eat
  3. Excessive thirst

Production of insulin in little quantity by beta cells of langerhean is the main cause of the origin of the disease diabetes. This disease has been divided in two categories-

  1. First - This type of diabetes is called juvenile diabetes.
  2. Second - This disease is called matured diabetes. 

Diabetes of first category -

        In this disease of diabetes, insulin is completely absent in the langarhan. Its treatment is necessary for the presence of insulin. Due to such type of want of insulin, it is called dependant diabetes too. To reduce the sweetness present in the blood, supply of insulin on time to time is necessary to control the diabetes. By the way, it can occur in any condition but mostly it occurs in young age.

Diabetes of second category-

        Diabetes of this category is more common than the first category and cases more than thirty percent have been found. Mostly, this type of diabetes is found in the persons of fat body (male or female) who are above 40 years. This disease is found in the persons who are above 40 years so it is called matured diabetes. Mostly, insulin is present in the plasma in this type of diabetes.

        Therefore, there is no need to supply extra insulin to sustain the quantity of sugar in the blood. In this disease, pancreas glands of the victim produce insulin sometimes in rich quantity and sometimes in less quantity but this quantity of insulin is not enough for the proper activity system and the activity of its production is not so fast that it may reduce sugar quantity, which originates in blood. Probably it occurs because of the disorders of micro system which mediates the activity of cells on the desired cells of insulin. This is the reason that this diabetes is called exposed diabetes.


        In real, nobody knows about the real cause of the origin of diabetes even now but medical science considers that this disease occurs because of some especial causes. Presence of diabetes at the time of birth is a cause in all these causes of diabetes. Children of diabetes parents can be the victim of this disease. This disease is a hereditary disease and forwards from one generation to another. It prepares the foundation of this disease, which affects the body cells in a person. Gaining of weight is one cause of this disease. Fatness, which affects the use of insulin, helps in this disease. According to researchers, mostly those patients (male and female) of this disease were of heavy weight who have been treated.

        Diabetes can be of two types mentally and physically as surgery or serious infection, any accident or emotional shock. The body can be reach in stress because of using several types of medicines.   

        There is an excessive pressure on the body because of pregnancy. This is the reason that mostly, diabetes is found in all the pregnant women, who suffer from miscarriage again and again.

        Mostly, the persons, who suffer from diabetes, become the victim of high blood pressure. Mostly, this disease is found in old person and middle-aged persons than young persons and it is found in women more than the men.

        The diabetes of first category originates because of the loss beta cells in pancreas gland. The loss of these cells of the body is for the safety of body. Incidents, which provoke such activity of self-safety, are incognito. However, infection of germs is considered as strong cause.

Symptoms of both the categories of diabetes-

First category -

        Constant urination, excessive thirst, loss of appetite, weight deduction, irritation in nature and other symptoms are found in this diabetes. Besides it, physical weakness, tiredness, nausea, vomiting and other symptoms start to originate.

Second category -

        Heavy weight of the body, weak eyesight, numbness and acanthosis in the hands and feet and other symptom originate in the patient of diabetes of this category. Healing up the wound in long time, itching and scabies and skin diseases are the symptoms of the diabetes of second category.

Quantity of sugar in the blood in the disease diabetes -

In Normal condition

Sugar quantity in empty stomach

65-100 mg/100 ml blood

Sugar quantity after having food (after two hours)

100-120 mg/100 ml blood

Toleration of emaciate sugar-

Emaciate sugar quantity on empty stomach

105-120mg/100 ml blood

Sugar quantity after having food

120-150 mg/100 ml blood


Diabetes on empty stomach

120 mg/100 ml blood

After two hours of taking glucose

180 mg/100 ml blood

Treatment of diabetes disease by yoga-

The practice of yoga should be done to reduce diabetes viz. sugar quantity in the blood. This disease can be cured by yoga. All the patients of diabetes should do the practice of different types of yoga regularly.

Shatkriya (hathyoga)

Do the practice of neti and kunjal activity.

The practice of yogic activity related to stomach and breath



Do the practice of surya namaskara, pawan mukta asana, uttanpada asana, ardha matsyyendra asana, bhujanga asana and matsya asana.


Do the practice of bhramari and nari shodhan pranayama.



Do the practice of these yoga activities for 30 minutes daily.



Attention should be given on cleome gland (pancreas) during doing the practice of yoga

Anupreksha (Mind’s thought)


Attention should be given on the improvement of cleome glands (pancreas) with all yogic activities while breathing activity at last.



Foodstuffs of carbohydrate substances should be taken. Include vegetables, lettuce and little boiled vegetables in your diet.



Do not take substances of sugar, potato, rice, sugar etc. substances. Excessive oil, spicy food and ghee should not be used.

Special note-

        The practice of all the activities should be done carefully and do the practice of neti and kunjal activity after taking advice of the yoga treatment. Do the practice of yoga asana regularly. Prekshadhyan is a yoga kirya and concentrate on the cleome gland (pancreas) and in the process of anupreksha, concentrate on the improvement viz concentrate while breathing “my cleome gland is improving, fresh air is entering in me and I am getting healthy.