Constipation means gathering of stool in excessive quantity in the large intestine. Due to constipation, cold and hard stool starts to gather in the large intestine because there is a need of much in absorbing the liquid substances in the descending intestines. There is common cause of the origin of constipation and that is stopping normal activity of evacuation in the life. a small baby becomes the victim of constipation hardly but knowledge of evacuation is given to small baby in the first year of the development of the child by which he considers that evacuation activity is a regular activity.

There are many causes of constipation-

Careless in diet-

      Constipation disease occurs in a person due to wrong eating habits. This disease takes birth in a person because of eating such types of foodstuffs, which take time in digestion by which the stool does not come from intestines properly and stool starts to decay in the intestines. Mostly, it also occurs because of eating excessive spicy and heavy food.

      Mostly persons have such symptoms of constipation in which defects of abnormalities of the constipation and intestines activity cannot be ignored. After scientists’ analysis of the food substances, which are taken daily, it has been found that the persons, who do not use fibrous and liquid substances in their food, do not get protein and vitamin from the food and it becomes the cause of constipation.

      According to scientists, all the persons should take 10-12 grams fibrous vegetables and 1-2 glass of liquid substances daily. In addition to, if you feel evacuation at any time or just after eating, do not delay in it. Go for evacuation as you feel desire for evacuation.

Structural abnormalities-

        There is retention in the tract of stool because of wounds in the intestines and other causes by which the person feels pain by giving pressure while evacuation. If a person does not complete the process of evacuation due to pain, this stool reaches in the intestines and creates constipation.

Digestion related diseases-

      Many types of diseases as disturbed procedure of the nerves, disturbance of the muscles, faults in the endocrines, abnormalities of electric decompositions etc. make constipation in the person.

Treatment of disease by yogic activity-

        The practice of yoga should be done regularly to break constipation. Any type of constipation is cured by it,

Shatikriya (Hathyoga)

Do the practice of aganisara activity or

nouli and basti activity


Yogik activity for making the stomach muscles strong and for the treatment of all the problems of the stomach-


Do the practice of surya namaskara, pawan mukta asana, trikona asana, hala asana, tara asana, kati chakra asana, matsya asana and ardha matasya asana.


Do the practice of kumbhak with bhastrika pranayama viz. the activity of stopping breath.


Do the practice of uddiyan bandha and maha bandha in this disease.


The practice of this yogic activities should be done for 20 minutes regularly.

Preksha dhyan

Do the practice of deep breathing with the pranayama and bandha.

Anupreksha (Mind feeling)

While doing the practice of breathing activity, think in the mind that “constipation of my stomach is breaking and I am becoming healthy. My mind and brain have become pure”. Such types of feelings should be thought.  


Take light and digestive food in this disease. In addition to, take lettuce (salad) and vegetables. Water and fruits juice should be drunk in enough quantity. Take chapatti of barley and mixed wheat of chaff.


Do not take such substances which are rich in starch and use salt in less quantity. Do not take such food, which are the cause of the constipation.

Special note-

        The practice of all the activities should be done carefully. Do the practice of shatkriya according to need and yoga guru. Do the practice of other yoga activities daily. All the practices should be done on the empty stomach all the time.