Yoga and Your Food



          Only some people have knowledge about the meals what should be taken during yoga asana. To get complete benefit of yogasana, having knowledge about eatable and not eatable things is very necessary.

          Yoga shastra is based on science completely. Therefore, all the people should be aware with this knowledge that the body of human being has been made by God in this way that if a person gets full knowledge of his body organs and starts to live his life according to first and second steps of yoga endeavourly, he gets rid of the cycle of birth and death. 

          But our tongue is the biggest obstruction in this work. There is no way except controlling the tongue, so it has been called-

Rasna ke jeete bina, koi na jitendriya hoya

Rasnendriya jeet ke purush, savendriya jeet soya

That is to say, as a person likes different foods in the same way his behavior also becomes different.  

One proverb is described in our country, ‘jaisa anna vaisa tana’. Here it means to say that the foods what we take affects not only our body but also our brain too. Habits of thinking and understanding of the human being depends on the eating habits. Because of this reason, yogis or practitioners of yaga have emphasized on some special types of rules. 

According to yoga, the meal has been divided into three parts-

  • Rajasi (royal)
  • Tamasi (passionate)
  • Saatavik (simple)

          Nowadays, modern food has been divided into 5-7 parts on the base of nutritive elements. However, yogic classification is based on the education of cooking or preparing food.  

Rajasi food: (royal)

          It means fried and juicy food, which is served with sweets and different dry fruits. Word Rajasi started along with the ways of eating and drinking of the kings. This type of food is very heavy and thick. If any person takes this type of food for many days regularly, his digestive system becomes defective. 

Tamasi food: (passionate)

          This type of food is oily, which is made with the pungent spices. The person, who takes this type of food, always remain in anger. It is considered that rajasi and tamasi food should be taken in less quantity to get benefits of yoga treatment.

Saattavik food: (simple)

          This type of food is very simple, which is made by using a little spices and oil. This type of food is vegetarian completely. Raw vegetables and fruits are used in this type of food. 

Taking satvik (simple) meal is the first principle of yoga asana:  

          Taking balanced diet is the second principle of yogasan. According to this philosophy, meals should be taken in half quantity than the appetite and half stomach should be filled with water and air. This process makes the digestive system strong. The stomach muscles become flabby because of eating excessive meals, so meals should be taken in a little quantity because it is beneficial. The person does not become the victim of obesity and fat by eating balanced meals and such diet makes the brain sharp too. It is also useful in increasing body strength.  

          Third principle of yogasan is based on the art of eating meals. If the food is eaten by chewing well, less food will satisfy the hunger of the stomach. There is no difficulty in the digestion of meal taken in this way. The digestive system has no need to do hard labor to digest the meal. Never drink water at the time of eating meals. Drinking water before half hour or after an hour of meals is beneficial.

          Forth principle of yogasan is being described here. A person shoud not take meal more than three times in day whether he feels excessive hunger as- milk and fruits in the breakfast, food in the lunch (at noon) and food at night in the last. People, who do yogasan in the evening, should eat lunch (food of at noon) soon so that food may digest properly until evening falls. Dinner should be taken before 2 hours of bedtime because it provides good sleep.

          The person, who follows all these principles regularly, remains healthy mentally and physically all the time.

          The body should be light, calm and normal at the time of practice. The person should put on light cloth and eat light food for practice. Yogasana should be started after evacuation, brushing and washing the hand and mouth. Don’t use intoxicant substance while practicing yogasan. The body should be healthy for yogasan. Avoid body from the fatigue and fear. Do practice of yoga on empty stomach always. The person should not take bath just after yogasana and he should eat food after two hours of yoga.