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Yam is grown all over India. It contains large amount of carbohydrates. Introduction:

          Yam is grown all over India. It contains large amount of carbohydrates. It is a root. Its varieties are different according to its root or fruit’s colour. Some yams are yellow or some are white. Variety of black berry (Jamuni) colour is found mostly in South India.

          White yam is called garad. It looks white after peeling. These are round and long. Red yam is more sweet and tastier than white. It is more costly also. Sabji is made after peeling it. Puri-pakodas and pudding (kheer) are also made from yam. Yam is also taken as a fruit during fast. Flour can be prepared by boiling and drying it. Its flour can be mixed with other flour.

          Sabji is made from its creeper leaves. Before preparing sabji its leaves should be toasted upon the grid. It is greasy, heavy and provides strength. It ends phlegm and stops stool. It becomes tastier and soft after frying it with oil. Red yam is sweet, cold, heavy and nutritious. It ends inflammation caused by excessive labour and destroys hotness. According to Sushruta- yam increases phlegm and gas. It is heavy also. Vagabhatta considered it is hot in nature, pungent and destroyer of phlegm and gas. Yam digests soon to those persons who work hard. It suits them. It is not suitable for weak or lazy persons. Generally, yam creates gas.

          Grind yam creeper leaves and apply it on the scorpion biting. It ends the effect of scorpion poison. Dried yam is also useful to reduce poison.

Name in different languages:

Hindi         -         Ratalu

Sanskrit     -         Raktalu

Structure: - Its colour is brown with little redness which is tasteless and tasty.


It is cold and takes time to digest. It cools down hotness and bile. It enhances sperm count. It makes the body strong and powerful. Its use makes a man fat. It breaks constipation and creates flatulence.

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