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[ X ] Related homeopathic drugs:


When a person’s x-ray is done many times, after some time, the person suffers from several skin-diseases. Owing to this reason the skin cancer occurs. X-ray medicine is very useful to cure such types of cancer.  

Useful in various symptoms:

Head-related symptoms:

X-ray is an excellent remedy in the cases of intensive pain in the different portions of the head and face, slight pain of right jaw, slight headache, neck stiffness, severe pain behind the ears, pain in neck muscles caused by removing head from pillow during sleep, ears perfection and feeling like bells are jingling in the head. It provides complete relief from the above symptoms.

Mouth-related symptoms:

X-ray drug should be used in the cases of tongue roughness after dryness, retching all the time and difficulty in swallowing any beverage or eatable products. It checks above problems quickly. 

Symptoms related to men:

X-ray medicine is used in the cases of testicles weakness, undesired of sexual relationship, sexual dreams during sleep and relapsing gonorrhoea. It ends above problems earlier and increases sexual urge

Symptoms of external organs parts of the body:

X-ray is the great remedy in the cases of pain caused by arthritis, feeling weakness and tiredness in the whole body and to be roughness palms with flakes. It provides quick relief from above symptoms.

Skin-related symptoms:

X-ray drug is very beneficial in the cases of skin dryness, skin boils with itching, skin wrinkles, nail thickness, cracked skin with pain, skin abscess like warts and wounds around the joints of hands.


These symptoms aggravate on the bed, after the noon, in the evening, at night and in open air.


These symptoms are ameliorated by using hot treatment.


X-ray medicine can be compared with Electrisitas medicine.


One should take 12th or higher potency of x-ray medicine to get quick relief.