Wyethia medicine specially acts on the several types of symptoms related to the throat and ends them too. This medicine is very useful to cure pharyngitis (pharynx swelling). This medicine is used to end the throat inflammation of singers and the persons who over speak. 

Wyethia drug is used for curing piles, itching in the behind portion of the nose and symptoms of cold and fever.

Useful in various symptoms:

Head-related symptoms:

Wyethia drug should be used to end the symptoms as neural headache, restlessness, depression, vertigo, intensive headache and disturbance of blood circulation in the head. 

Mouth-related symptoms:

Wyethia is a beneficial remedy in the cases of black face like face has burnt, sensation of warmth in the pharynx towards down and palate itching.

Throat-related symptoms:

The patient always feels that something has been entangled in the throat and he tries to throw it out again and again. The patient feels dryness in rear portion of the nose and does not get relief after cleaning the nose too. He also feels throat swelling and burning sensation and dryness in the rear portion of the tongue. The patient feels trouble of swallowing food and any substances and excessive Saliva from the mouth along with desire of swallowing saliva. He feels sensation like front part of the tongue has enlarged. In the condition of above symptoms, Wyethia medicine can be given to the suffered patient.

Stomach-related symptoms:

Wyethia is an effective remedy to end the symptoms as feeling heaviness in the stomach and frequently coming hiccup , belching with hiccup, gas trouble and sensation, and vomiting.

Abdomen-related symptoms:

Wyethia drug can be used in the case of pain under the right ribs of the stomach. It provides relief in pain. 

Stool-related symptoms:

Wyethia is a great remedy in the cases of suddenly excretion at night that is black and diluet, anus itching and constipation with piles. Taking this medicine stops loose motions and piles.

Respiratory system-related symptoms:

Wyethia drug is used to end the symptoms as to be attacked dry cough, haltingly cough caused by tickling in the upper portion of the tongue, sensation of the trachea inflammation, hoarseness, feeling warmth and dryness in the throat and dry Asthma

Gynecology-related symptoms:

Wyethia is an excellent remedy in the cases of left ovary pain which spreads to the knees slowly and pain in the upper membrane of the uterus.

Symptoms related to external organs of the body:

Wyethia is very useful remedy in the symptoms as back pain which spreads to the back bone, pain of the right arm with stiffening of the wrist and hand and pain of the whole body.

Fever-related symptoms:

The sufferer feels coolness for about 11 a.m. to noon. He wants to drink ice cold water in the winters too and does not feel thirst during fever. The patient suffers from excessive sweating at night and intensive headache with sweating. These symptoms can be ended by taking Wyethia medicine.


Wyethia medicine can be compared with Arum, Sangvi and Lachesis medicines.


1st to 6th potencies of Wyethia medicine should be given to the suffered patient.