Worms in the Stomach



        If the intestines of a person are not cleansed properly, worms grow there which keep on coming out from the anus with stool. The length of these worms is from rice size to two fit. When there are numerous worms in the stomach, they come out from the mouth too of the patient. Dietetic errors are the causes of these worms. Sometimes, the patient of intestinal worms suffers from swelling on the stomach and stomachache.    

Treatment of this disease according to naturopathy:

  • Mix rock salt in the lemon juice mixed water properly. The patient should take enema with this water in the morning regularly. After half hour, the patient should do light exercises in the open area. He should include breads, raw vegetables and fruits in his meal. If the disease is chronic, the patient should eat fruits for at least 10-12 days regularly. He should take enema until the stomach becomes clean. He should take rubbing bath in the morning and after that he should take simple bath. The patient should take colic bath (Udar-Snana) in the morning and evening regularly. The patient should take Epsom salt bath twice a day. The patient gets rid of this disease.
  • Oil should be poured into the anus to kill stomach worms so that oil may reach into the intestines through the tract of anus. This formula kills all the intestinal worms.  
  • Mix one part water of yellow colored bottle and green colored bottle which have been kept in sunlight
  • Grind the vein of dordar and apply on the stomach. Intestinal worms come out with stool by destroying.
  • Poultice of soft sprouts of bamboo should be tied on the stomach to kill the intestinal worms. Thus, a person gets rid of intestinal worms. 
  • Burn the feather of peacock and mix jaggery in the ash of feather to make a pill. Thus, all intestinal come out from the stomach.