Wood Apple




The trees of wood apples are big and thorny. Its fruit is called “wood apple (kaithh)”. Its fruit is big, round, hard and plain from upper side. Its leaves are small and smooth, which fall down in autumn season and new leaves grow in spring season. Its ripe fruits provide fragrance and have seeds. Its leaves also have a type of fragrance.  

Wood apple tree: It is sweet, sour, vapid and bitter in taste, cool in nature and heavy digestive. It eliminates gas and ends bile disorders and wounds.

Raw fruit of wood apple: It is heavy in digestive and hot and dry in nature, and vapid and sour in taste. It increases appetite, eliminates gas trouble and bile disorders.

Ripe fruit of wood apple: It is sour, vapid and sweet in taste, heavy in digestive and cool in nature. It cures asthma, tuberculosis, blood disorders, stool problems, hiccups, cough and throat diseases. It destroys worms and eliminates gas trouble. It alleviates poison and increases appetite too.

Wood apple seed: The seeds of wood apple are useful to end heart problems and headache. These also alleviate the poison of scorpion or snake.

Oil of wood apple seeds: This oil is vapid, heavy digestible and sweet. It brings phlegm out and ends bile disorders. It prevents hiccups and vomiting. It also alleviates rat poison.

Wood apple flowers: Flowers of wood apple are used to end the effects of poison.

Wood apple leaves: Leaves of wood apples are useful in case of vomiting, loose motions and hiccups.

Name in different languages:

English                 -             Wood apple

Hindi                     -            Kaith

Sanskrit               -              Kapith, Pushp, Phal, Kapipriy

Bengali                -              Kayith

Gujrati                 -              Koth

Telugu                 -              Ailaga kaya


Drinking syrup of wood apple’s fruits is useful to cure throat wound and end gums weakness. Its decoction is beneficial in diarrhoea and bascillary dysentery. It also cures cough.

Wood apple is useful in different diseases:

1. Biliousness (Bile enlargement): Take sugar with the pulp of wood apple to reduce biliousness (bile enlargement).
2. Jaundice: Mix juice of soft leaves of wood apple with cow milk and give 50 ml to the patient once a day, it cures jaundice.
3. Leucorrhoea: Grind soft leaves of wood apple and soft leaves of acacia tree together and give it to the patient with honey because it provides relief in leucorrhoea.
4. Sperm deficiency: Taking powder of soft leaves of wood apple with mixed milk of sugar is useful to end sperm disorders and enhances sperm count.
5. Rat bite: Applying oil of wood apples’ seeds on the affected part alleviates poison.
6. Anorexia: Mix pulp of wood apple fruits, dry ginger, black peeper, powder of long pepper, honey and sugar together. After that, give this mixture to the patient regularly, it cures anorexia and increases appetite.
7. Loose motions:

  • Loose motion is prevented by giving 3 grams toasted seeds of wood apple to the patient.
  • Loose motion is prevented by eating fruits of wood apple.
  • Make the powder by grinding soft leaves of mango and wood apple together. After that, give 3 to 6 grams this powder to the patient with water twice a day, it stops loose motions that occurs repeatedly.

8. Eye diseases: Make the powder by grinding leaves and stalks of wood apple tree together and mix honey in it. Applying this mixture in the eyes cures the eye diseases.
9. Ear diseases: Heat 3-4 drops juice of wood apple’s fruits and drip in the ears twice a day because it cures the ear diseases.
10. Ear pain: Heat juice of wood apple’s leaves with juice Arjuna leaves and drip 5 ml in the ears, it provides relief from ears pain.
11. Hiccup:

  • Mix pure kasis with the pulp of wood apple’s fruits and give it to the patient to lick because it provides relief in hiccups.
  • Taking one-teaspoon juice of wood apple with one-teaspoon juice of Indian gooseberry is useful to prevent hiccup.
  • The patient should take 120 milligrams powder of wood apple’s fruits and 120 milligrams pure kasis with 4 to 6 grams honey in the case of hiccups.
  • The patient, who has been suffering from hiccups and breathing problems, should take juice of wood apple with honey and long pepper because it cures asthma and prevents hiccups.

12. Amoebic dysentery: This disease is cured by taking fruits of wood apple.
13. Sprue: Make the powder by grinding 80 grams pulp of wood apple’s fruits, 60 grams sugar and pomegranate seeds, tamarind, beel fruits, flowers of downy grislea, celery seeds and small pepper 3 grams each and black pepper, cumin seeds, coriander, pepper root, black salt, caraway, pauonia odorata (Sugandhbala), cinnamon, cardamom seeds, cassia, cobra saffron, root of lead wort and dry ginger 1 grams each together. After that, give this powder to the patient twice a day regularly, it is useful to cure sprue.
14. Diabetes:

  • Make the powder by grinding 300 grams kernels of wood apple’s seeds and filter it. After that, take 5 grams this powder with water twice a day regularly for about 30 days, it provides relief in diabetes.
  • Dry the pulp of wood apple’s fruits under the shadow then grind it, and take 3-5 grams. This medicine twice a day helps to diabetes control.

15. Haemoptysis (blood disorders caused by bile): This disease is cured by taking pulp of wood apple’s fruits.
16. Stomachache: Taking 120 to 240 milligrams gum of wood apple is useful to end stomachache.
17. Throat diseases: By eating pulp of ripe fruits of wood apple, throat disorders end.