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[ W ] Related Medicines:

Precautions: The climate of India is hot so the use of wine is very injurious to health.

For reading tips click below links     Wine is useful in different diseases:
1.     Intoxication of wine:

Intoxication of wine:

    A drunkard remains far from intoxication by taking sugar candy mixed ghee.
    2.     Unconsciousness caused by wine:

    Unconsciousness caused by wine:

      If a person has become unconscious because of excessive drinking, the intake of cucumber juice ends the intoxication caused by wine.
      3.     Dementia (brain disability):

      Dementia (brain disability):

        According to scientists, a woman, habitual of wine, gives birth to a child of low weight. According to experienced and scholars, a drunkard loses control over himself and commits sexual crime. It is completely wrong that drinking wine increases sexual power. But its use weakens the sperms of the semen. This thing affects to the offspring. Remember one thing here that although the use of wine increases sexual lust but reduces sexual power.
        4.     Testicle swelling:

        Testicle swelling:

          Mix ground sal-ammonic in 60 ml wine. Immerse a cotton wad in this mixture and apply it on the testicles 3-4 times a day. Its use reduces the swelling of the testicles.
          5.     Testicle inflammation:

          Testicle inflammation:

            Grind hen bane seeds with wine and apply it on the testicles it reduces swelling and inflammation of the testicles.
            6.     Vagina itching and inflammation:

            Vagina itching and inflammation:

              Soak cotton piece in the wine of good quality and apply it on the vagina. Its use ends the inflammation and itching of the vagina.
              7. Constipation:


                Mix black salt and citron (Bijora nembu) juice in wine. Drinking this mixture breaks constipation and the patient gets rid of belching.
                8. Ear diseases:

                Ear diseases:

                  Pour 1-2 drops wine in the ears and close the ear with the help of a cotton wad. Its use gets rid of ears’ pain.
                  9. Liver enlargement:

                  Liver enlargement:

                    Grind hen bane seeds with wine and apply it on the affected part. Its use reduces the swelling of the liver and gets rid of liver pain.
                    10. Gall stone:

                    Gall stone:

                      According to scientists, drinking wine reduces the danger of stone growth. A little quantity of wine can be taken daily.
                      11. Arthritis:


                        Grind hen bane seeds with wine and apply it on the knees. Its use gets rid of arthritis.
                        12. Skin diseases:

                        Skin diseases:

                          Soak orange (Narangi) peels in wine and keep them for one week. Then filter it and throw the peels out. Apply the remaining wine on the skin to get rid of ringworms, itching, scabies and other diseases of the skin.
                          13. Tuberculosis:


                            Drinking 20 ml wine of grapes or currants or elloopatree twice a day provides complete relief.
                            14. Children diseases:

                            Children diseases:

                              Dripping 3-4 drops of warm wine in the child’s ears gets rid of ears’ pain.
                              15. Pulse sore:

                              Pulse sore:

                                Soak spider trap in wine and apply on the wounds of nerve. Its use provides relief.