Wild Teluge Potato



Colour: Wild teluge potato is brown and red.

Taste: It is vapid and kankanahat.

Structure: Wild teluge potato grows in the forests. Its tree is like teluge potato tree. A stick grows in middle of wild teluge potato, which has a corn-ear like maize. Wild teluge potato’s root has excessive kankanahat.

Nature: Wild teluge potato is hot in nature.

Precaution: Wild teluge potato can be harmful for the hot natured person.

Removing side effects: Curd removes the side effects of wild teluge potato.

Compare: It can be compared with teluge potato.

Qualities: Wild teluge potato’s qualities are like teluge potato. It brings phlegm out and generates bile. It cures stomach diseases and increases appetite too.

Useful in different diseases:

Ringworm: Taking cooked vegetables of teluge potato at long time is useful to cure ringworm.