Wild Eggs Plant



Name in different languages:

Hindi            -         Kateri Chhoti, Kataie, Bhatakataiya, Katali

Sanskrit        -         Kantkari, Duspersha, Jhudra, Chitrphala

English         -         Wild eggs plant

Latin             -         Solonum xanthocarpum

Marathi         -         Jhuirigni, Dorli, Mahukadi, Rupakhuri

Gujrati          -          Bethi Bhoringani

Bengali         -          Kaantkari


        Wild egg is spicy and bitter in taste, small, light and dry in nature. Its fruit is bitter in taste and warm in nature. Its fruit is used to end disorders of vatta and kapha. It gets rid of pain and destroys the worms. It is also used to end swelling. Its fruits juice is bitter, so it is very useful for digestive-system. It is used to cure cough, asthma, hiccups, fever, anorexia, pinus, waist and heart problems, retention of urine, constipation and blood disorders. It is also useful to bring sweat.