Why vegetables juice is necessary?


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          A person gets long life and remains far from old age by taking the juice of fresh vegetables regularly. Mostly doctors have faith in natural treatment. They consider that chronic diseases disappear by taking the juice of vegetables along with common diseases. After several researches, it has been found that a chronic disease like cancer and other fatal diseases can be checked only by taking the juice of sprouted wheat.

            It is necessary for our good health that we should include at least 20 to 30 percent vegetables in our daily meal. If a person follow such rules as directed, it will be more beneficial. The vegetables neglected by us by thinking them as useless have medicinal traits that can cure several diseases. In this modern era, the inhabitants of western countries are very aware towards the intake of juice but in India, there is a big necessity to improve in this field.

            In our country, the method of cooking vegetables which are used, by it mostly the qualities of vegetables end.  A person gets rid of several diseases by taking vegetables. Vegetables have an important part of our diet. When we take the juice of vegetable, our body absorbs all the nutritive and essential elements contained in juice. Generally, patients are advised to take the boiled vegetables without spices.