White Mangrove



Name in different languages:

English        -              White mangrove

Hindi           -              Bina

Sanskrit       -              Saagrodbhoot

Marathi        -              Tivar

Gujrati         -              Tawar, Cheriya

Bengali        -              Beena, Baani

Latin            -              Avicennia officinalis 


         The root of white mangrove plant is stimulant and enhances sexual power and excitement. The bark of white mangrove plant is astrictive and expectorant. Its seeds eliminate bile disorder.

         The use of the bark of white mangrove plant provides relief in chicken pox. Grind raw fruits or seeds of white mangrove and make a bandage. Tie this bandage on boils and wounds to suppurate them. Boils and pimples disappear soon by its use.

        The fruits of white mangrove are small, pungent, sweet, spicy and hot. Its fruits are also useful to maturate the boils. Its use kills stomach worms. Its fruits are used in fever, spermatorrhoea, constipation, white flecks, tumours, stomach diseases and piles.