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Why vegetables juice is necessary?

Worm seed

Whey is prepared by churning the curd. It is a cheap medicine of the poor.Introduction:

       Whey brings out the heterogeneous elements from the body and provides new life. It increases fighting power against diseases in the body. Ghee should not be present in whey. Whey of cow milk is the best. The diseases, which are cured by taking whey, do not originate again in life. Sour whey should not be drunk. Whey should be drunk many times a day if there are problems in the stomach. Drinking whey in the summer season keeps the body fresh. Drinking whey after breakfast and meals regularly is useful to enhance the body strength. Hair does not grey at improper time by drinking whey. Drinking whey after breakfast, milk at midnight and water at the last hours of night is useful for the body.

      Whey is prepared by churning the curd. It is a cheap medicine of the poor. Taking whey as a diet is beneficial to end many physically faults of the poor, and it improves their health.

      Whey is very useful for the person, who is unable in digesting whey. Fresh whey is very useful. Its curry is tasty and also digestible. Its lassi is used with sugar in North India and Punjab. Whey becomes more useful by mixing ice water in it. It is useful to remove inflammation, syphilis and quenches thirst too. It works as syrup in the summer season. Whey increases appetite because it contains sourness.

     It increases the appetite of meals and digests food. The persons, who suffer from anorexia, indigestion, sour belching and mystification in the chest caused by surfeited, should take whey because it is useful medicine like nectar for such types of persons. Take whey of 6 kg milk instead of food, it enhances the body strength. Drinking only whey cleans the stool and makes the body light like flower. Its use generates activeness and zeal in the body. The intestines get relief and freshness by its use. Its use generates digestion power and makes the digestion system active. It eliminates gas too. So, whey should be taken to end stool disorders and eliminate gas from the stomach.

        The whey is useful to end bile disorders. It provides coolness and nutrition to the patient. Whey effects the stomach and intestines because of that digestion system works properly. It alleviates internal poisonous elements of the body. Whey makes the heart strong and purifies the blood. It is very useful to cure sprue, piles, indigestion, stomach diseases, anorexia, diarrhoea pain, retention of urine and stool, flatulence, vomiting, liver and spleen diseases. It quenches thirst too. Whey is pungent and sweet. It provides coolness and ends bile disorders. It is also useful in the condition of wrinkles, jaundice and dysentery. Its use reduces obesity (fatness) and enhances skin glow. It keeps far to the body from old-age.

       Wrinkles don’t appear on the face, if they exist before, they remove by drinking whey. Whey is very useful to cure intestines diseases. It makes intestines active after contracting them and brings out the checked stool. Whey is allowed to drink during typhoid caused by checked chronic stool. The most important quality of whey is to destroy digestion faults. The food which is taken by us; for nutrition, separating useful juice from it without digest food keeps on remaining. It is called amoebic (aavan). It generates several types of diseases. Whey is very useful to cure such types of several diseases.

        The sourness is useful to break the greasiness of amoebic dysentery. This type of sourness presents in the whey. Whey removes this greasiness slowly-slowly from the intestines and brings out from the body after maturing. Therefore, taking whey with the powder of oval leaved rose way in dysentery and with myrolealans in piles is useful.

Water of whey:

        Churn the light sour curd of cow milk with three folds water and separate butter from it. Using this process prepares the whey. Taking one glass of this whey twice a day (according to similarity) after meals for 5-7 days regularly is useful. Whey should be taken instead of water in the condition of thirst. Rice, mixed heap (khichri), boiled vegetables, kidney bean pulse and chapatti should be taken in meal. Whey quantity should be increased and grain quantity should be decreased gradually.

            Using this process provides new life in the condition of body weakness, digestive system weakness and sprue. Fighting power becomes increase caused by originating appetite. Drinking whey after mixing with rock salt and dry ginger is useful to cure the diseases caused by vatta disorders. If the diseases occur because of pitta disorders, cardamom and sugar should be mixed in whey and the reason of diseases is kappha, take it with the aggregate of three spices (black pepper, long pepper and dry ginger).   

            According to Scientists- Whey contains vitamin C, so fighting power is increased against disease and skin glow is sustained by its use. Whey contains lactic acid, which is useful to end the disorders of the digestion system.


            There are four kinds of whey on the basis of water, which is mixed with whey and butter which presents in whey or quantity of separated butter from whey. 

1.     Mixture (ghol)

2.     Churn (mathit)

3.     Takra

4.     Chhachchhica means whey

Solution (ghol):

            When curd is churned after mixing water in this whey, it is called Solution (ghol). It is cool, heavy, excitable and digestible in nature and eliminates gas from the stomach too. Its use increases appetite and phlegm. Taking solution after mixing asafoetida, cumin seeds and rock salt in it is useful to eliminate gas and cure diarrhoea, piles, abdomen pain and enhance body strength too. Taking it with jiggery cures anuria-dysuria. Taking it with ceylen lead-wort is useful to cure jaundice.


            The churned curd after removing its cream is called churned whey. It eliminates gas and generates happiness. It is anti-bilious and ends syphilis and brings out phlegm too. It proves useful to prevent loose motions, and cure piles and sprue due to syphilis.

Whey (takra):

            If the curd is churned after extracting one-fourth part of water from the curd, it is called takra. It is sour, bitter and sweet in taste and light. It increases appetite and sexual power. It quenches thirst, eliminates gas and prevents dysentery. It is anti-bilious because of its sweetness. It also brings out phlegm because of bitter and hot and dry in nature.


            When the curd is churned with ½ part water, it is called udakshit. It enhances the body strength and brings out phlegm. It is useful to prevent amoebic dysentery too.

Whey (Chhachh):

            When the curd is churned with excessive water and water is mixed in it again after extracting butter, it is called whey. If butter is separated from whey completely, it is light. If half butter is separated from whey then this whey is some heavy and generates phlegm but if butter does not separate from whey then it is heavy, nutritive and generates phlegm. Churned whey (mathit) is light in digest than solution (ghol) and whey than churned whey is light in digestive. It is anti-bilious and quenches thirst and eliminates gas from the stomach. It is also useful to cure fatigue. Phlegm originates by its use. Drinking whey after mixing with salt enhances digestion power. It use cures vomiting, flowing saliva, typhoid fever, dysentery, fatness, piles, anuria-dysuria, fistula, diabetes, stomach gas, tumour, diarrhoea, pain, spleen, white flex, stomach diseases, leprosy, swelling and thirst. Its use also ends poison effect and kills stomach worms too.

Gas disorders:

         Sour whey (which is mixed with dry ginger and rock salt) is beneficial to end bile disorders and sweet whey (which is mixed with sugar) is useful to bring out phlegm. Whey is useful like nectar in the diseases as anorexia in the winter season, gas problems, indigestion and obstacle in the blood vessels. Charaka are considered that whey is like nectar in the condition of anorexia, indigestion and dysentery. Shrushrata say that whey is sweet, sour and pungent in taste, warm in nature and good for heath and digestible. It is also useful to cure dysentery, sprue, jaundice, piles, gas problems, anorexia, thirst, falling saliva, pain, obesity, swelling and poison effects. It also eliminates gas and brings out phlegm.


            The patients, who are lean and thin and suffers from unconsciousness, confusion and blood bile problems, should not drink whey in the summer season. Drinking whey in the condition of wound, swelling, body weakness, senselessness and thirst may be generated other diseases.

Useful in different diseases:

1. Piles:

  • Taking one glass of whey after mixing with salt and one spoon ground caraway is useful to cure piles. Piles does not originate again by the use of whey. Taking whey after mixing with black salt is beneficial. Mix toasted cumin seeds with whey then it turns into beneficial in the piles.
  • Taking whey after mixing with rock salt or dry ginger or long pepper or cooked of onion vegetable after meals regularly is useful to cure piles.
  • Taking the powder of ceylen lead-wort root with whey is useful to cure chronic piles. The pile, which is cured by the use of whey, does not take place again.
  • Mix powder of black pepper, long pepper and beed lavad with whey and give it to the patient, it provides relief in piles.

2. Indigestion: The person, who suffers from indigestion due to eat ghee, oil and ground nut, should take whey because it provides relief.

3. Intoxication of cannabis indica: Take sour whey, it ends the intoxication of cannabis indica.

4. Obesity (Fatness):

  • Taking whey reduces obesity.
  • Taking whey after mixing with black salt and caraway is useful to reduce obesity.

5. Dyspepsia: Whey is a best medicine to cure dyspepsia. It is very useful to digest oily, toasted and heavy things. Whey increases the helpful bacteria in the intestine, which are very useful for health. Its use ends the rottenness in the intestines. Taking whey with rock salt, toasted cumin seeds and ground black pepper cures dyspepsia.

6. Source of strength: Taking whey is useful to purify the digestion system and circulate the blood properly. Any types of disease dose not occur in the intestines. Taking whey regularly is beneficial to enhance the body strength, happiness and also improves the face shine. Mix ground caraway and black salt with whey and take it after meal till some days, it enhances the body power. Whey can be drunk with black peppers and salt.

7. Cosmetic: Wash the face with whey, it ends the face black ness, moll marks, oiliness and improves the face color too.

8. Sprue: Taking dry ginger and powder of black pepper with whey of cow milk is useful to cure sprue. Rice and whey should be taken during experiment.

9. Blood disorders: Drinking fresh and vapid whey of cow milk is beneficial to purify the blood. It increases fluid, body strength and keeps the brain happy. It eliminates gas and brings out phlegm.

10. Stomach weightiness: Make the powder by grinding equal quantity of dry ginger, black pepper, long pepper and black salt together. Taking this mixture with whey is beneficial to cure stomach diseases caused by food and indignation.

11. Bloody dysentery (Loose motions): Taking powder of lead-wort with whey is useful to get relief in dysentery.

12. Diarrhoea: Mix pulp of bengle quince with fresh whey and give it to the patient, it prevent diarrhoea and dysentery.

13. Constipation: Taking whey with caraway with salt is useful to eliminate constipation.

14. Anuria-dysuria: Taking jaggery with whey is useful to end anuria-dysuria.

15. Ringworm: Mix the seeds of Indian aloe vera with the whey of cow milk and apply it on the affected part, it cures ringworm.

16. Dentition:

  • Giving whey to the baby twice or thrice day in the summer season pain does not originate in the teeth during dentition.
  • Mix black salt with whey and give it to the baby 2-4 times in a day, it provides relief from toothache and stomachache during dentition.
  • Giving whey to the baby during dentition regularly is useful to end toothache.

17. Constipation:

  • Constipation is cured by taking whey with ground caraway.
  • Take 2 grams caraway and half gram black salt with 125 ml whey of curd after meal; it eliminates gas from the stomach. This medicine can be taken until 1-2 weeks after meal (according to need).
  • Whey is useful to end constipation, loose motions, dysentery, itching, relapsing, malaria, spleen disorders, dropsy, low and high blood pressure, asthma, rheumatism, uterus disorders, liver disorders and urinary bladder.

18. Mouth blisters: Gargling with curd water or whey is useful to cure mouth blisters.

19. Urinary problems: Taking 0.36 to 0.48 grams old jaggery with whey is useful to end anuria-dysuria and gonorrhoea. Take the seeds of cucumber or 0.24 to 0.36 grams powder of borax with whey; it ends anuria-dysuria. Take whey with impure carbonate of potash; it ends anuria-dysuria and breaks stone. Taking the juice of bhatkatea with whey is useful to end sperm with urine. Grind the peel of oval leaved rose way with curd and give it to the patient, it breaks stone.

20. Diarrhoea (Loose motions):

  • Make the powder by grinding cumin seeds with sugar there after give it to the patient with whey, it prevents diarrhoea (loose motions).
  • Mix 12 grams honey with 125 ml whey and give it to the patient thrice a day, it prevents loose motions.
  • Taking about 250 ml whey with 1 spoon honey thrice a day regularly is useful to prevent loose motions. 

21. Liver disorders: Taking 1glass of whey twice or thrice a day is beneficial to end liver disorders. Don’t take any things during this treatment.

22. Anorexia:

  • Taking about 116 milliliters whey with 360-480 milligrams black pepper is useful to get relief in anorexia.
  • Grind black salt, black pepper and root of lead-wort with whey. Taking this preparation is useful to cure anorexia and increases appetite.
  • Cook dalda, ghee and oil together after mixing. Taking this mixture with whey and salt is useful to cure anorexia.

23. Stone: Taking the whey of cow milk with 10 grams impure carbonate of potash comes out stone after breaking.

24. Sun stroke: Taking whey with salt is useful to end sun stroke.

25. Dropsy:

  • Make the powder by grinding dry ginger, black pepper and long pepper together. Mix 240 milligrams this powder and 1 gram rock salt with whey.  Dropsy is cured by taking this mixture.
  • Taking powder of chitrakut with whey is useful to cure dropsy.

26. Stomach worms:

  • Taking the fine powder of salt and black pepper with whey for four days regularly kills stomach worms.
  • Taking caraway powder with whey destroys stomach worms.
  • Mix rock salt with whey and give it to the patient, it destroys stomach worms.
  • Make the fine powder by grinding black salt, kirmani caraway and barbering together. Taking 240-960 milligrams this mixture with whey twice a day destroys stomach worms.
  • Take the whey of cow milk with salt in the morning, it kills stomach worms.

27. Stomachache:

  • Taking whey is useful to get relief from stomach pain caused by empty stomach.
  • Mix 250 grams whey, 5 grams ground cumin seed and 5 grams black salt together. Stomachache is cured by taking this mixture.
  • Mix sugar and black pepper with whey there after give it to the patient; it provides relief from stomach pain caused by bile.

28. Low blood pressure: Taking 200 ml whey twice a day regularly is useful for low blood pressure.

29. Jaundice:

  • Mix about 1 gram powder of lead-wort and half gram powder of firmani caraway (Chaur) with whey. Thereafter, give it to the patient, it cures jaundice.
  • Grind 10 pieces of black pepper then take it with 1 glass of whey regularly, it cures jaundice.

30. White flex: Taking whey twice a day regularly is useful to get relief in white flex.

31. Headache:

  • Grind cactus root and dry ginger with whey then heat it. Coat this preparation on the forehead, it cures headache.
  • Mix 0.24-0.26 grams nutmeg with whey and give it to the patient, it provides relief in headache.

32. Boils: Wash the head again-again with whey decoction and apply any things (The thing which is useful in this symptoms) on boil. It is useful to cure boil.