Wheat plant


Introduction :

        After many researches of the scientists, one thing has been proved that the juice of wheat plant increases the strength of vital force and by doing so a person has no fear of any disease in future. It contains many types of qualities so it cannot be compared with any other thing. At many places, the juice of wheat plant has been compared with the nectar. It has different types of qualities, so it has given high position in the work of worship. It can be given to the patient in any condition.

Technique of preparing the juice of wheat plant :

        Fill soil in seven commode and sow some seeds of wheat of good variety in these pots day after day regularly thereafter keep on giving some water in the commodes. After ten days, the wheat plants will grow in the commodes and they will be 6-7 inches long. Now, uproot these wheat plants of from the first commode pot and cut their roots. Thereafter, grind the leaves of this plant and mix it in half glass of water. Now filter this water and drink it. Sow what seeds in the first commode again. In the same way, keep on uprooting plants from the commodes day by day regularly and keep on sowing wheat seeds in the for the wheat plants. Change the soil of the commodes if it is necessary.

Technique of taking :

        The juice of wheat plant should be drunk just after preparing. This juice can be drunk in the quantity of 20-120 ml at one time and four times in a day after equal gap. Any thing should not be taken after and before half hour of drinking it.

Benefits :

        Chronic stool and poison, which are present in the blood and intestines in the body of a person, can be excluded by using the juice of wheat plant regularly. All the poisonous substances can be excluded from the body by its juice, so it is considered best medicine in all types of diseases. 

        Carbohydrate, protein, all the vitamins, alkaline elements of high position and chlorophyll are found in the wheat plant naturally. This chlorophyll makes the heart strong and blood circulation easy. Its use provides different of benefits to the intestines, lungs and uterus.

        If the pregnant woman drinks the juice of wheat plant regularly, her baby will be beautiful, healthy and intelligent. The women, who has been suffering from sterility, should drink its juice regularly because it ends the problems of sterility within sometime and a beautiful and healthy baby takes birth. If five drops of this juice is given to the child regularly, the child becomes beautiful and healthy.

Treatment :

  • Regular use of the juice of wheat plant is beneficial in the case of gastric disorders, acidity, diabetes, stomach worms, skin diseases, stones, irregular menses, heart problems, cancer etc.
  • If a person has been suffering from teeth and gums disorders, he should drink and rub the juice of wheat plant on the gums. Its use provides relief in teeth or gums problem. Wheat plants can be chewed too.
  • Constipation can be broken by drinking juice of wheat plant and by chewing wheat plants. If a person has been suffering from chronic constipation, he should adopt anima of its juice.
  • If a person has been suffering from any disease of the ear, he should drink and drip some drops of this juice of wheat plant in the ear because it is very beneficial in this case.

Special :

        A person who is drinking the juice of wheat plants can become the victim of diarrhoea, vomiting and nausea by drinking the juice of wheat plant in the beginning. These are the symptoms of poisonous substances present in the body, there is no need to be worried in this case.