What Is Sukha Asana



           An asana in which the body gets relaxation and the mind becomes constant is called yoga asana because the mind concentrates and contemplates when the mind is constant but the way by which the practice of yoga asana is done provide no sensation of pleasure and calm. In Pantajali’sYoga Sutra, the technique of asana is not much difficult. ‘Yoga Darsana’ of Patanjali is based on ‘Sankhya Darsana’ and it comes in the category of Rajayoga. The techniques by which the asana is done all are helpful in the siddhi of Hatyoga Sadhna.

        The mind can be calm and healthy in case of healthy body by which good ideas come in the mind. Therefore, someone should try to keep the body healthy for keeping the mind healthy and concentrating in contemplation and speculation. Hathayoga has been originated in Yoga Shashtra for keeping the body healthy.

          Followers and lovers of Hathyoga say that yoga asana sadhna makes the body healthy and the mind constant by which the mind becomes calm and helps in the contemplation of God.

           A person, who does Yoga Asana Sadhana, gets good health by which he gets a long life. Giving some descriptions of Hathayoga appears essential here.

          The practice of Hathayoga Sadhna asanas (which have been described in the Yoga Asana) helps in mental development.

           All types of asanas are helpful in keeping the special body organs healthy. But, the cause behind giving the description about yoga sadhna is giving information about Pranayam and Kundilini Sadhna and describing the importance of its sadhna in Hata Yoga.

           In it, description about those asanas have been given of which practices increases the concentration and the mind starts to involve in meditation by leaving worldly things and an environment comes into existence  which are apt for getting Samadhi. So, giving description about some asanas is essential.