What is nutrition and metabolism

 What is nutrition and metabolism?

     Body can be made strong and healthy by the adequate meal and nutrition. These nutritive elements can be got from the meal. Hence, a great place is given to meal in the major body requirements. Some such foodstuffs are also supplied in the body through the meals which are necessary for the assimilation of meal in the body and for keeping the body system fit and fine. 

     In brief, it can be said that that nutrition is a connection of those processes by which living beings gets essential things and uses them appropriately for sustaining their activity. Besides it, these things are also very necessary for the growth of body organs and their reconstruction. 

    We need meal for the following mentioned purposes.

  • There are continuous activities in different organs all the time because of the movement of the body and due to this reason there is a tissue and cells’ loss in the body. The protoplasm made by meal is helpful in the reconstruction of tissue and production of new cells.
  • Heat is produced by the meal which is helpful in maintaining an average body temperature.
  • Our body keeps on growing and developing by the protoplasm got by the meal.
  • Meal produces energy which is used for daily routine (both mental and physical) and other important deeds. 
  • Meal is absorbed by our intestines and protoplasm comes into existence after the assimilation of meal. Protoplasm produces new tissues and organs.
  • The meal increases vitality and immunity of the body and because of this reason our body remains healthy. 

         Taking meal is very necessary for the material which builds body, which is necessary to make a child young or for the refilling of tissues of general life of a young person.