What is Muscular System

What is Muscular System?

         The whole structure of human body is made of bones in which the bone work as a liver but muscles provide them strength for movement. The whole structure of the body is covered either by voluntary or skeletal muscles and they attach one bone to another bone on the joint. Bones turn when the muscles get contracted and they become straight when they spread. These are the muscles which keep our body well shaped. In this way, such muscles help us in standing, moving, running, lifting weight, etc.

       There are about 600 skeletal muscles in our body which are called muscular system as a whole. Muscular muscles make 40-50 percent of total weight of the body in young boys and 30 to 40 percent of total weight of the body in young girls.

       Skeletal muscles are attached to bones, cartilage, ligaments, skin or other muscles by tendons and aponeuroses. Each fiber of these muscles is covered by a membrane named Sarcolima. Such fibers make small parallel bundles by gathering into groups which are called fasciculae. These fasciculae are covered by the thin layer of connective tissue named endomysium. Bundle or fasciculae are tied altogether by a thick membrane perimysium. These make the groups of skeletal muscles which is covered by a connecting tissue named epimysium (like endomysium and perimysium in structure). All the muscles get blood in sufficient quantity through the close by blood vessels. Arterioles stretch capillaries in perimysium which is spread on the tissue in endomysium. Blood vessels and nerves get entry into the muscle near the hylum.

       Most of skeletal muscles are fleshy and broad in the middle which are called the belly of muscles and they are thin on the both ends which are called tendons which attach to the other tissues.

       Muscles provide a flexible and strong covering to our body. The whole structure (skeletal) of our body remains covered with muscles, which is known as muscular systems. The weight of muscles is about 45 % of the total body weight. Among 3 types of muscles, skeletal muscles remain attached to both ends of skeletal with bones vertically. The body is controlled by the contraction and expansion of muscles. Normally all the muscles work in pairs- one contracts and other expands. Many physical functions are possible due to special structure of muscles. Muscles work in group and with understanding to each other. Muscular system is made up of 620 muscles that work in group.