Wet bandage of waist


Introduction :

        In the tonic of abdominal wet bandage, immerse cloth in water and apply on the waist. The cloth should be 8-9 inches wide and length according to need in this bandage. This cloth is wrapped on the waist, which is called the tonic of abdominal wet bandage.

Technique :

         For the bandage, immerse the cloth in water and squeeze it. After that, start to wrap this cloth from 4-5 fingers up from the navel and wrap it on the abdomen and whole waist properly. Wrap this bandage on the waist with about 3-4 spires. If the patient’s body has high temperature, bandage should be wrapped many times. After wrapping wet bandage, wrap a cloth of wool or gamchha (thin towel) upon it properly so that the bandage may not open. Thus, this activity should be done twice a day on empty stomach regularly. This bandage also can be wrapped three times at night.

        The patient should take sleep at night after applying wet bandage and tying woolen cloth upon it three times. In the next morning, this bandage should be removed. After opening the bandage, affected part should be cleaned properly by rubbing with a wet towel. Now wear cloth and make warm that part. In the case of disorders of digestive system and liver, bandage should be done by covering these both places. The person, who has been suffering from weakness or is not able in taking stomach bath, can take this bandage because it is also beneficial.

Benefits of bandage :

        All types of new and chronic diseases disappear by this bandage. It is also very beneficial in the cases of chronic constipation, diarrhea, stomach diseases and stomach enlargement, anorexia, intestines wound, swelling and spinal cord pain.

Special :

        This bandage also can be used in different types of parts of the body. It can be used in the eyes in case of eye diseases and on the hands in case of hands disease. Thus, bandage can be used in any part of the body. Woolen cloth must be wrapped after wrapping this bandage because it is necessary. In the heartbeat, bandage should be put on the chest for half hour twice a day. Put bandage on the heart for five minutes first and then increase its time slowly. After removing bandage, rub affected part to make it warm or immerse cloth in warm water and mop the affected part. Thereafter, wear cloth and make warm that part.