Wet bandage of abdomen


Technique of wrapping of wet bandage-

        In this activity, the wet bandage of cold water is wrapped on the whole abdomen of the patient, which is called wrap of wet bandage on abdomen. For this wrapping, soak 10-15 inches long and wide according to need cloth in cold water thereafter wrap it on the whole abdomen from two inches up of the navel. Now wrap woolen cloth upon this wet bandage and make the patient lie down on the bed. Keep one thing in the brain that before wrapping the bandage on the abdomen, make the abdomen warm by rubbing properly. After that, use wet bandage. In the fever, this bandage should be used for about 3-4 times in a day viz. this bandage should be used until the temperature comes down.

Benefits by wrapping wet bandage-

        According to famous doctor ‘F. E. bilge’ of Germany, this bandage is a good treatment in all types of diseases. If it is used in the vagina, it is much beneficial. Besides it, about all types of diseases of the stomach, new and chronic swelling of the stomach, indigestion, chronic dysentery, insomnia as well as other several diseases are cured by this bandage. If a person has been suffering from fever, he should use this bandage because it helps in brining down the temperature.