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Wedding night or first intimacy

Wedding night is a very important day in the life of both man and woman. This is the night when two persons of opposite sex can make a beautiful building of marital life or this married life.

Wedding night is a very important day in the life of both man and woman. This is the night when two persons of opposite sex can make a beautiful building of marital life or the marriage and married life can be destroyed because of ignorance by both of them. This thing proves hundred percent true in the condition if the husband has no sex knowledge. By remembering their first intimacy, old person feel good and a kind of tingling starts to produce in their heart. They feel a kind of thrill and sensation in their heart by remembering their wedding night.

When any person whether man or woman reads a book relating to sex, a kind of tingling starts to produce in their body. Some young men think after reading sex book what the first wedding night is. They think what and how should be done in the wedding night. Sexual urge starts to increase in the body after reading sex books. Both man and woman start to dream colorful scenes about their future life after reading such books. They dream about their wedding night after marriage.    

After marriage, when a bride reaches at her husband’s home, all the family members are unknown for her because she has come here after leaving all the relatives of her paternal home. Hence, it is not wrong to say that she cannot understand anyone properly except her husband on the wedding night. We want to tell you here that both husband and wife are also unfamiliar to each other on the wedding night yet she understands her husband her own relative because she gets married with him. When both husband and wife meet to each other on the first time, they not only understand to each other but also they dedicate to each other heartily. In our country, first intimacy of husband and wife is celebrated at a lonely place. It is called wedding night.    

This first wedding night decides the future of the married life of a husband and wife. First wedding night is the reunion of minds and hearts of both husband and wife along with physical union. Not only two person’s body but also their souls unite to each other. Two souls were separate to each other until now. This is the time, when two souls become one on this first night. 

Importance of wedding night:-

A man should remember one thing necessarily that wedding night of both husband and wife is never meaningless. Even a tiny thing on this night can affect the whole life of both husband and wife. How should a man behave on this night? This thing depends on the attitude of the man because circumstances on this occasion are different to each pair.   

Anxiety and fear in men about the wedding night:-

Many boys and girls start to puzzle as days of marriage come close. Several men puzzle by thinking whether they will satisfy their wives at the wedding night or not. They think whether their wife will like her or not. They disturb by thinking whether their wives will accept them or not. Such men become disturbed by thinking that their wives will taunt them if they are not able to satisfy them during sexual intercourse

A man thinks that he will not able to talk to his wife with reverence if he does not get full erection in his penis during sexual intercourse or he becomes the victim of early ejaculation. Sometimes, he thinks how he will face to the family members and society if his wife goes by leaving him. Such kinds of symptoms can be observed not only in literate people but also in illiterate persons. Not only men but also women remain disturb on the wedding night.

Before wedding night, a man has different kinds of notions in his mind relating to first intimacy but he has less hesitations and feeling in his mind than the woman has. It happens because the man is in his family whereas a woman is quite new family and is unfamiliar to all the family members as well as husband.

Many men think that as they get sexual satisfaction during coition, as the women will have to get sexual satisfaction. here we want to tell you that such kinds of thinking is quite wrong because several men are novice in the matter of sexual relation and this is the reason that they are not able to prepare themselves completely for the first night. a woman cannot be ready for sexual intercourse until her sexual urge are aroused by the man. A man should adopt the process of fore play to arouse a woman for sexual intercourse. 

Many men think that sexual urge cannot be aroused in a woman if she is passive towards sex or she has a lack of sexual urge or a lack of love towards her husband. Many men think that their wives have been established sexual relations before marriage and this is the reason that they have not giving support to them during sexual relations. Such kind of thinking is not true by anyway because the fault is in you because you do not know how a woman get arouse for sexual intercourse. There is no fault in women at this time. 

When a man wants to get over his wife forcibly on the wedding night, the woman not only gets sad mentally because of such kinds of behavior of her husband but also she does not take the real sexual pleasure on this night. 

Mentality and feelings of a woman about wedding night:-

Whether people accept or not but it is true that at least 50 percent girls have no knowledge about sex before their marriage. We want to tell you here that some girls take some information necessarily about sex through their friends, books, films and other mediums. However, a girl knows about it completely only when she makes sexual relation with someone. A woman becomes aware what the sexual intercourse is or knows about it properly when her husband makes sexual relation with her after marriage.

When a husband accosts his wife, she feels it unnatural. She tries to suppress her sexual urge to some extant though she is sexual excited. She considers how she can give her chastity and virginity in one night of which she defended until now. Hence, she denies her husband to make sexual relations but when the husband tries repeatedly, she becomes excited sexually because none can bear the hunger of sex for long time. 

Here we want to tell you that both husband and wife get much sexual pleasure if both are extremely sexually excited. If a woman is not ready for sexual intercourse, she should be aroused by her husband by using the activities of foreplay. Sexual relation should be established by the man when he is sure that the woman is fully aroused.  If a man becomes successful in arousing his wife, she will surrender her body herself before the man. She will say to her husband that she is made for him after arousing.

When the husband inserts his penis in the vagina during first sexual intercourse, the woman gets a little bit pain but the pain disappears soon as one forgets the pain of thorn after plucking flower. Thereafter, she starts to get great sexual pleasure through sexual intercourse.

Generally, several kinds of feelings keep on taking birth in the mind of a girl about wedding night. She keeps on thinking about soft-sweet feelings and about controlling her senses.   

Each woman has a feeling of shyness about first wedding night. This is the reason that sexual intercourse is the matter of far distance. She stands in the way if her husband tries to embrace, kiss and fondle the breast.

Some women allow her husband to fondle and kiss with their body. Not only so, they also involve in such kinds of activities with the men. Some women fear by thinking that they will have to be nude before their husband. A woman should never do so on the first night because if a woman does so, she will be considered wrong by her husband. Hence doing so is not appropriate at any rate.

Some women do not want that their husband meet them in nude condition. If a man thinks that he will start the process of stroking by inserting his penis into the vagina after putting off all the clothes, it will be wrong. This thing can annoy a woman. She can do this because no women can get sexually aroused soon. A woman has to be aroused by a man for sexual intercourse. 

Many men fears by the names of marriage. Reason behind this is that they think whether they will establish sexual relation properly after the marriage or not. Normally, it is natural because very few men know what should be done to get great sexual pleasure through sexual relations.

No man can make his married life happy on the base of money, big penis and good health. This is the pleasure, which can be gained only through complete sex knowledge. 

Mostly, marriage ceremony was organized during night in ancient time in Hindus. In the contemporary period, marriage ceremony is organized at night even today because of which both husband and wife get too much tired in the first night. Besides it, the girl is sad because of leaving her family members. She meets with new family members on her husband’s home. Every one is stranger for him at the house of her husband. A new bride can get rid of such thinking only when if her husband family members might talk her lovingly. The parents should send bridegroom and bride in an alone room after 11 o clock whether all the relatives are present and ceremony function has been celebrating throughout whole night.      

Room for wedding night should be selected properly by family members because it is their duty. The room should be neat and clean. The room should be decorated with flower and romantic sceneries.

Excessive should not be present in the room. There should be a soft cozier on the bed. Sheet of the bed should be neat and clean and it should be stretched properly. At least two pillows should be present on the bed. Besides it, fresh flowers should be scattered on the bed. Keep sweet, dry fruits and cardamom on the table that is near about the bed. There should be glass and jug of water on the table. There should be good arrangement of light along with dim light. Each article of both bride and bridegroom as clothes, etc. should be kept in the room. If it is hot, there should be proper arrangement of air and ventilators in the room. 

Make of the bride:-

A bride and bridegroom should be bedecked properly on the day of wedding night after decorating the room so that both might establish sexual relation properly. Sometimes, bride and bridegroom feel hesitation while beautifying themselves. Although this work is done by husband and wife later on but on the wedding night, both husband and wife have to push into the room forcibly. 

On this day, the bride should be bathed by sister in laws before pushing her into the room. After make up, give a chance to observe her beauty if she wants to beautify herself, help her in beautifying her face.

Give a chance to bride to choose her clothes herself. Generally, bride likes to wear the clothes, which was put on the day of marriage. A bride considers so essential. The bride should adorn herself with the ornaments she like most.

A bride should use artificial fragrance on this day for attracting her husband. After make up and ornaments, the scent is the most precious thing. Soak a small piece of cotton in the scent. Thereafter, it should be applied on the body organs where husband kisses or touches. A man touches the lips, breasts, cleavage of the breast, chin, naval, upper portion of the palms, neck, cheek, upper portion of the nose, waist, labia majora and labia minora of the vagina and near about the region of the vagina. The bride should consider one thing necessarily while beautifying her. She should shave her hair on the private part as vagina and armpit so that the husband may feel no difficulty. Normally, this job should be done one or two days before the marriage.   

After make up, all the needy things should be kept in the room. Thereafter, the bride should be fetched into the room decorated for wedding night by inlaws by making fun with her. The bride should be got sit on bed by them. They should talk with her for some time until the bridegroom arrives into the room.

Make up of the bridegroom:-

Make up of a bridegroom is as necessary as the make up of a bride is. A bridegroom is adorned by his friends and brother in law. He should be adorned after taking meal and bath.    

Cream powder should be used while adoring a bridegroom. Thereafter, hair should be combed properly. Clean shaving is must before make up for a bridegroom. If the bridegroom does not want to have moustache, it should be removed. The bridegroom should wear well kurta or night suit before entering into the room because robes of wedding day is not necessary for him like bride. The friends or brother in law should encourage to the bridegroom, as he is too much handsome and energetic.

Scent should be sprinkled on the body of the bridegroom so that the bride might attract towards her. The bridegroom should use mouth freshener if it is possible. Sister in law (bhabhi) of the bridegroom has the responsibility to send into the room. Many bridegrooms do not ready for the wedding night because of too much shame and shyness but they have keen desire to meet their brides. Sometimes, many bridegrooms have been seen while going into the room decorated for wedding night stealthily.  At this time, all the women and girls sitting near about the bride should come out from the room immediately after entering of the bridegroom into the room. They should close the knocker of the gate but mention that knocker should be opened after sometime necessarily.  

Reactions of husbands and wives:-

Both husband and wife face problem in coming before one another on the wedding night in the room decorated for wedding night whether you are man or woman. What should be done by both of them at this time? They should take full information about it before marriage so that no kind of problem may take birth before them on the day of wedding night.

When the bridegroom is sitting in the room and the sister in law of the bridegroom closes the knocker by pushing him into the room of bride, the bridegroom should request to open the knocker but after some time he should close the door from the inside himself.  

Now, the bridegroom should advance towards the bed. Thereafter, the bride should try to come down from bed to greet her husband because it is the duty of a bride.

At this time, the bride should try to her face in her veil and try to make statue of shame and shyness because shame is the ornament of a bride. The bride should have such kinds of traits in her as coquetry, airs and graces, priority and shyness. We want to tell you here that a man becomes the lover of his wife’s coquetry and airs and graces. The bride should be careful that surrendering before the bridegroom is essential before disappointing the husband. If it is not done by bride, happy atmosphere will be changed into gloomy. If the wife shows a little coquetry, airs and graces, everything runs smoothly and the husband becomes ready for sexual intercourse.

Now, the bridegroom should unveil of the bride gently and complete the ritual of mouth observance and present her a ring, chain, necklace etc. Thereafter, the husband should start sweet-talking with her. He should try to introduce with her.  

Thereafter, the husband should bring eating foodstuff kept on the table near by bed. Generally, preparing food, serving food is the responsibilities of a woman but on the wedding night, the bridegroom should perform all these duties because the bride is an unknown person at that time. Hence, the bridegroom serves sweets to his wife. The bridegroom should keep one thing in his mind that he should start the process of introduction while giving her sweet. Introduction should be kept on increasing gradually by bridegroom.

The bridegroom should tell about his family members, rituals and customs of the family to the bride. Thereafter, if the bride introduces herself, the bridegroom should hear her patiently. The bridegroom should not compel to bride to tell something if she does not want to tell anything. He should talk her lovingly. The wife should take part in the conversation without hesitation because it is the duty of a bride.

At this time, the bridegroom should touch the hands of the bride and thereafter, praise her beauty. He should try to make laugh her with the help of his smiling face and his talking. After that, the bridegroom should try to kiss and embrace her, as the husband is sure that the shame of the bride is disappearing slowly. If the bride feels unwell due to the light, the bridegroom should either switch off the light or switch on a bulb with low light.

Generally, a man wants to make sexual relation with his wife just after marriage. He wants to take sexual pleasure through sexual intercourse. Each man has such eagerness and imagination.  

All the men should be aware with the fact that sexual intercourse is not considered complete during wedding night until the bridegroom is not sexually excited. If a man makes sexual relation without arousing his wife, sexual pleasure is gained by only man not by the woman. Hence, a man should arouse his wife by following the activities fore play. Sexual relation becomes complete when the woman is full of sexual excitement.   

If the bride support in the activities of embracing and kissing, the bridegroom should try to touch her sensitive body organs. He should fondle her breast with gentle hands and he should press to the breast gently too. Thereafter, the bridegroom should praise her wife’s loin, thighs and buttocks. He should touch to the thighs, buttocks and loin after lifting her clothes with his hand. He should rub to such body organs gently. Thereafter, he should try to touch the vagina of his wife and play with the vagina. He should fondle to the labia majora and labia minora with his hands gently along with sexy gossip. This thing should be done for arousing a woman for sexual intercourse.    

In this way, a man should arouse his wife by following the ways of fore play. It should be done by the man to end the hesitation and shyness sitting in her mind. Hesitation of the woman disappears by doing so consequently, she herself excites her husband to fondle her breast and embrace. She tries to make touch her vagina by the man. Process of breathing becomes fast and body of the woman starts to shudder at this time. When such kinds of activities are done by the woman, it should be considered that the woman is fully excited now. At this time, the husband should kiss his wife’s forehead and lips with her lips. Besides it, he should kiss on the face and breast too. Process of kissing should keep on continue. If a man does so, the woman will become too much sexually excited.

Now, the husband should try to make lie on bed while following the rules of fore play. He should put off all the clothes from the breast. Thereafter, he should press the breast along with fondling the breast. Several kinds of sounds come out from the mouth of the woman. After that, the husband should remove the clothes from the genitals of his wife. He should loose the belt of clothes of his wife’s garment. The woman should keep for some time in the condition when she is wearing only panty. In this situation, the man should fondle and press the whole body of the woman. Thereafter, the man should touch his penis with the body of the woman.   

If the woman support of her husband in such kinds of activities, the man should press the breast tightly. A woman gets too much pleasure when a husband presses the breast of his wife. The woman thinks many things at this time in her mind. She thinks that her husband is the strongest man and how lucky she is that such man is my husband. She also thinks that all her desires will be fulfilled this night. She pays too much attention on the activities in which her husband is involving happily.    

In this situation, many women try to oppose their husband when their husband tries to remove their lower garments but after sometime she does not stop her husband what he does. In this way, she becomes nude completely. Thereafter, both man and woman absorb into each other’s arms. They embrace each other closely. Both remain in the same position for sometime. After that, the man should kiss on the forehead, breast and near about the ears. Her buttocks should be fondled by the man. Thereafter, the man should press and fondle the breast and between the thighs of the woman. 

Such women feel too much hesitation and shyness because this is the night of meeting for both husband and wife. She tries to hide her breast with her hands and her vagina with her both legs. She will close her eyes because of coyness. In this situation, the man should take step patiently and he should not show too much eagerness. He should think that she is doing so because she is unknown here.

Thereafter, the husband should try to end all kinds of fears and anxiety of the woman. Process of fore play should be continuing. Vagina of the woman becomes wet soon by doing so. Sexual urge start to be produced in her. In this way, both become too much sexually excited. After some time, the woman starts to stretch her both thighs.

If a woman is not arousing because of some reason, the man should rub and fondle the clitoris of the woman properly. Thereafter, the man should insert his one or two fingers into the vagina of the woman to arouse her. He should stroke his fingers into the vagina. If the woman is sexually cool, she will also get excited by doing so. 

Now, we will want to tell you here that opening of the vagina is too much contracted. Inserting the penis into it on the first time is not easy but it has to make easy. For it, a man should keep a cream or oil near the bed. The man should apply oil or cream on the penis to make the work of penetration of the penis into the vagina easy. Generally, penis of the man and vagina of the woman become wet due to a kind of secretion from the genitals of both. Sometimes, lubrication is not sufficient to lubricate the penis.  

Now, the man should stretch both thighs of the woman and thereafter he should keep his penis on the mouth of the vagina. He should push his penis into the vagina gently so that the penis may insert into the vagina. Thereafter, start the process of stroking gently. Vagina of the women will be drenched completely.  Now, the man should stretch a little more to the thighs of his wife. Thereafter, he should start the process of stroking gently.  

Here we want to tell you that if hymen of the vagina is unbroken, it will break with the pressure given by the penis and thereafter the penis will enter into the vagina easily. Sometimes, hymen of the vagina has already broken. It means not that the woman has made sexual relation before marriage. Men should not think so because hymen of the vagina may tear because of several reasons as excessive labour, excessive exercising, cycling, running, plying and riding etch.

The man should take rest while making sexual relation in this way. He should talk with his wife lovingly meanwhile. Thereafter, insert the penis into the vagina and start the process of stroking gently. Speed of stroking should be increased by the husband as he feels too much sexual excitement. The penis should remain into the vagina after ejaculation too because the presence of the penis in the vagina provides sexual pleasure to the woman.  

Most of men do not pay attention after getting sexual satisfaction whether their wives have gained the real sexual pleasure or not. They do not think whether their wives have sexual satisfied or not. Here we want to tell you about the symptoms of a sexual satisfied woman. The body of a sexually satisfied woman becomes loose. She drenches with sweat because of excessive sweating. Her eyes close and a kind of shyness appears again on her face.  

After sexual intercourse, both husband and wife should clean their genitals. Thereafter, they should take milk or healthy and easily digestive foodstuff. Thereafter, they should go into the lap of sleep by taking to one another into each other’s arms. If a man wins the heart of her wife during sexual intercourse, he becomes the star in the eyes of his wife. He can do this by winning the heart of his wife not by forcibly. In this way, wedding night becomes unforgettable for both husband and wife.

If sexual relation on the wedding night is made according the woman or with the consent of the woman, wedding night of both husband and wife become souvenir. A wife believes on her husband throughout her life if he does not hurt his wife on the wedding night and wins her heart. The husband also wins the belief of his wife and thus both husband and wife pass a happy married life.     

Now, circumstances have been changed completely. Passing ten nights without sexual intercourse after marriage is not possible now. A husband should make sexual relation with his wife with the full support of his wife not forcibly, because sexual relation, which has been made forcibly, can destroy married life of a couple.  

First night:-

Nowadays, many women get sexual excitement due to several reasons. Such reasons are as bad company, brothel, bad friends, effect of the cinema, and freedom of the girls, full freedom to move in fairs, by reading sex related books, by eating sourness, pickles, eggs and powder and due to hot foodstuffs. In the present society, boys want to make sexual relation as they cross the boundary of adolescence.

Establishment of sexual relation before marriage is not good at any rate for both man for woman. A woman gets dishonor in the society if she makes sexual relation with a man before marriage. Sexual intercourse is considered as a sin in our society. Not only a woman face problem because of premarital sex but also a man face great problem. If family members of the girls become aware with their sexual relations, they become the foe of the man. Here we want to warn you that both man and woman should think about the consequences of premarital sex.  

Misunderstanding of both man and woman about wedding night:-

Some husbands and wives remain in too much depression due to their wedding night. They are too depressed to make sexual relation on this night properly. If the husband becomes the victim of premature ejaculation on this night, he starts to consider himself impotent. The woman starts to imprecate her fate. Both husband and wife become angry to each other.

Becoming to each other in the wedding night:-

We want to tell to the husbands and wives that sexual relation should not be made immediately. Knowing about one another and introducing to each other is very necessary. Both husband and wife should try to know each other’s heart. All men and women should know the fact that sexual relation is not physical meeting but it is meeting of two souls. Emotions of the both husband and wife unite during sexual intercourse. This thing has to be learned by the help of his life partner.

Sexual intercourse is not essential on the first night. Both husband and wife should try to know the secrets existed into each other’s heart, interests and attitude of each other. On this night, the husband should praise the beauty of his wife. By doing so, hesitation and nervousness of both husband and wife will disappear. Sexual relation can be established if both are consent. Never force to the woman to make sexual relation.    

Essential tips for wedding night:-

1. Both husband and wife should not show hurriedness to make sexual relation.

2. Before establishing sexual intercourse, both husband and wife should try to understand each other.

3. Do not show hurriedness to make sexual relation but run on this path step by step.

4. The husband should talk to his wife lovingly. He should try to get sweet or other foodstuff to his wife. 

5. A woman should be aroused for sexual intercourse by following the rules of fore play while talking her. She may try to stop you. In this situation, you should not create doubt in your mind. It may be that she is doing everything because of shame and shyness. 

6. Do not make sexual relation forcibly until the woman is agree to make sexual relation.

7. If the woman does not make sexual relation because of fear, shyness and any mental cause, the man should have control over his excitement. Do not force her for sexual intercourse at any rate.

8. A man should not take wine, cocaine, opium, intoxicating hemp or other intoxicating stuffs because such thing never enhance sexual power of a man. They only become the victim intoxication. Both man and woman do not get the real sexual pleasure if sexual relations are made in intoxication.

9. Do not force your wife to be nude on the first night.

10. Do not force a woman to make oral-sex. The man also himself should not make oral-sex.

11. There can be little problem while inserting the penis into the vagina. It happens because the woman remains in depression and fear at that time because of which she contracts her vagina and this is the reason that the penis does not insert into the vagina easily.

12. Each woman wants to hear her praise especially praise of the beauty. Therefore, a husband should praise the beauty of his wife. She will surrender before her husband if her beauty is praised.

13. A husband should not try to know about her past by playing with her emotions.

14. The man should not tell his wife about his past sexual life. This thing will hurt to his wife.

15. Sometimes, a husband talks exaggeratedly as there was a girl in his life who was more beautiful than she is. She loved him very much. She could give life for him. He say to his wife that she is nothing before my ex girl friend. Such things do not affect good on the wife. Such things hurt the heart of the woman. Hence, each man and woman should start his or her life in a new way. Past life should not be opened at any rate.   

Views of some person about wedding night:

We talked many people about their wedding night. They told us their experiences something like this.

1.     There was a boy named was Brijesh. He used to pay too much attention towards girls since adolescence. He became excited by seeing girls and their enlarged breasts. He used to imagine about nude girl. He kept on thinking about girl’s inner organs. Brijesh could not get answers of his queries related to girls and sex without marriage. When his friends asked him how he would ask the name of his wife on the wedding night? He used to answer in a funny way to his friends that the answer of this question would be given after wedding night. He used to advise them not to ask such question before wedding night.   

Brijesh was not aware about the fact how this joke would affect his life.  After some time his marriage settled down by family members. There was a ritual of a meeting between boy and girl before settle down the marriage. Place has been decided for the meeting. When he met with the girl, he found the girl very beautiful. He found all the characteristics in the girl named Shaalu what he thought in his mind.   

He was startled by seeing the enlarged breast of Shaalu. After some time, he was got married with Shaalu. Now we will talk about their wedding night. Brijesh closed the knocker of the gate after entering the room where his wife was present. He found that his wife Shaalu in red color robe had been waiting him on the bed. He became excited by seeing his wife. He was too much excited before entering the room. He was losing his control over his sexual excitement.     

He was too much sexually excited at that time. He advanced towards the bed and he embraced Shaalu in his arms. He started to pinch and fondle her without putting off her clothes. He paid no attention on his wife’s clothes before making physical relation. He paid no attention towards the sexual excitement of his wife Shaalu and in this way, he involved in sexual intercourse. After few minutes, he became sexually cool after ejaculation whereas Shaalu was not sexually satisfied. She was sad because of her husband’s such behavior. She was like a fish without water.    

She did not understand the behavior of her husband at all. Shaalu knitted several dreams about her wedding night but they had been crushed within few minutes as pearl scatter on the earth after breaking a wreath. She did not understand that is it the wedding night. She did not understand the difference between wedding night and rape. There were tears in her eyes at this time. Her torn corset and stretched hair have been telling their story like a crushed flower.    

Thereafter, she managed her clothes. She observed towards her husband Brijesh. He was lying on bed with closed eyes. There were ill feelings in the heart of Shaalu for her husband Brijesh. She was thinking in her mind that why did her husband get married if he wanted to rape a girl and if he got married, what the need was to rape her?  

Now, you will understand everything that it should not be done on the day of wedding night at any rate as Brijesh did. By doing so, married life of a couple can be destroyed. Brutal behavior of Brijesh produced ill feelings in the heart of Shaalu. We know that none can stop from destroying the married life of a couple if ill feelings have been produced in the heart of any between husband and wife.  

2.     Jyoti was a sexually excited girl. She belonged to middle class family. She started to feel tingling and nervousness in her heart when her marriage had been settled down with a boy named Sooraj. She was frightened about her wedding nigh because she knew nothing about wedding night. She was thinking what her husband would do with her on the day of wedding night. She was frightened how everything would happen and how she would face her husband.   

Most of girls fear with such kind of horror. They think that something that is too panic and unbearable happen on this day. When a photo of her husband was given to Jyoti, she felt shame. She watched the photo by going on a lonely place. She found her husband very handsome. After some months, she was got married with Sooraj. The day passed noisily when she reached on her husband’s home.     

At night sister in laws beautified and adorned Jyoti. She was made sit on the wedding bed by them. Sister in law of Sooraj whispered near about the ear of Jyoti that there is no need to be worried. Sister in law of Sooraj said to Jyoti that she would have to follow all the orders of her husband. Thereafter, she went away from there. Now, Jyoti was very much frightened. She was too much nervous. She was thinking that what her husband would do with her after entering the room and what her husband would ask with her. Sooraj was pushed away into the room by his sister in laws and knocker of the gate was closed by them.      

Sooraj also wanted to enter into the wedding room soon. He closed the knocker from inside. He sat down on the bed near about Jyoti. Thereafter, he started to talk her, as she was familiar to him. After some time, Jyoti was mingled with her husband and she started to talk and answer with her husband. 

The fear existed in the mind of Jyoti started to slip away gradually. For some time, both Sooraj and Jyoti talked to each other as friends. During this period, Sooraj did not touch Jyoti. They kept on talking to each other face to face. They were talking about their golden future. They made plan about their children, time to be pregnant and their family.   

Jyoti was feeling boredom because of excessive talking. There was anger in the mind of Jyoti for Sooraj. She wanted to talk her husband to involve in sexual activities. She could say nothing because she was a girl and this is the reason that she could not express her desires before her husband. Jyoti was too much sexually excited at this time whereas her husband was talking about his family. Thereafter, Sooraj ate dry fruits and drink milk. Finally, he absorbed into the lap of sleeping.

Jyoti was very sad by seeing the behavior of Sooraj and she was agonizing due to sexual excitement. She was thinking that her husband talked her and slept. She thought that he should made sexual intercourse with her. She thought that her husband would have been tired because of excessive work and this is the reason that he did not make sexual relation with her. She was persuading her mind by thinking so. At last, she also absorbed into sleep by embracing her husband in her arms. Such behavior of Sooraj kept on for some days regularly.   

At this behavior of her husband, Jyoti said to her husband why he not did something with her. She asked him if he had no sexual urge. Sooraj answered that he was showing pity on her. Truth was that Sooraj was the victim of early ejaculation. This is the reason that he was not making sexual relation with his wife. He did not want to open the secret of his disease. Sooraj was furious after questioning by Jyoti about her masculinity. He was thinking to learn a lesson to his wife by making sexual relation.  

He began to make sexual relation with Jyoti forcibly because he had too much sexual urge in him. Now both husband and wife involved in sexual intercourse. Jyoti was feeling sexual pleasure but she was startled soon when she found that her husband was on the bed after ejaculation. Sooraj had transformed into a statue. Jyoti became sad on the behavior of her husband and there were ill feelings in her hear for her husband. Now, she was imprecating her fate after finding such husband.

Thereafter, disputes between husband and wife started to take place on everyday. There was tension in their married life. Now, Jyoti was in the search of a boy to satisfy her sexual urge. For many days, she did not go out of the house but after sometime, she started to go market for shopping. Now, she could go out of her house. She found a job in an office for time pass.   

She met there a boy named Salim. Both started to love each other gradually. Now Jyoti could get sexual satisfaction by making sexual relation with her boy friend Salim. Her husband was not able to make sexual relation and satisfy her. After some days, Sooraj come to know the illegal relationship of his wife. A dispute took place between husband and wife and the matter had reached to divorce.   

In this way, married life of both came to an end. Hence, we learn with this story that Jyoti should not have established illegal sexual relation with another man. She should have search a solution of her husband’s disease because every problem can be solved if one tries.

3.     Dinesh had heard too much about sex in his school days. He used to talk about sex with his friends. He started to think about the wedding night. He had heard from his friends that many men become cool before their wives on the wedding night. Often, he used to talk on this matter to his friends. 

However, he did not make sexual relation and he had no knowledge about premature ejaculation. He had a little sex knowledge. This was the reason that he fears by the name of wedding night. He had a fear in his mind about wedding night. He used to think what the wedding night was and what was done on this night. He became disturbed when he came to know that his parents wanted to marry him. He met with his friend and talked about wedding night. His fear was growing day by day as the date of marriage was coming close.  

One day, some friends advised him to have drink on the day of wedding night if he wanted to get rid of the fear from his mind. Wine would have end the fear existed in the mind. Some other friends told him that wine would have increased the sexual power of a man. He was told that a man could make sexual relation for one hour without break. One hour would be proved enough for a woman. In this way, he was told wrong advices and he was excited to take wine.

She believed true everything was told by his friend. After some days, he was got married. He took food with his friends on this night along with drinking. Dinesh was not a drinker but on this day, he drank wine because his friend had excited him to take wine. His friends gave him wine without water. Thereafter, friends went away by leaving him in the room.   

He was not able to walk properly. All the family members came to know about the truth of Dinesh but none said him anything. Each thought that it is common nowadays. Dinesh went into the room in the condition of intoxication. Wine had showed its full impact on Dinesh.  He was not able to stand properly due to too much intoxication. His wife named Preeti came to know about her husband’s drinking by seeing the condition of Dinesh.

Preeti did not like drunkards. She felt very bad when her husband came after drinking wine. She was an educated and self-depended girl yet she decided not to say anything to her husband on this night. Dinesh was not able to talk properly. He was not in the condition to establish sexual relation because doing so was not possible for him. He absorbed into the lap of sleep soon. He did not talk to her wife and went into sleep without putting off clothes. On the second day, he was not able to face his wife due to his last night’s behavior.

He was thinking that she was angry with him. He accepted his fault before his wife and told about the wrong suggestion advised by his friends. He promised to his wife not to drink wine in any condition. Anger of Preeti disappeared by knowing the truth of her husband. Now Preeti was happy because her husband was made a promise not to touch wine in future.

He made complete his promise too. In future, Preeti faced no problem in her sexual life. She was very happy in her married life. Hence, this story teaches us that wedding night is the night when happiness and delight are obtained. This important night should not destroy by drinking wine.    

This night never returns in life. Therefore, avoid wine on the wedding night. This night should be made memorable by both husband and wife happily. The husband should live in his senses. This wedding night decides the future of married life of one couple. Therefore, wedding night should not be destroyed by drinking wine.

4.     Many women feel bad when their husband do not arouse them properly for sexual intercourse on the wedding night. On the contrary, the husband makes sexual relation with his wife forcibly and thereafter he absorbed into the lap of sleeping. Several women agonize on the wedding night if their husbands behave like this. Sometimes, they think that their husbands have a lack of sexual power and this is the reason of such kind of behavior of their husbands. If a woman does not get satisfaction during sexual intercourse, she becomes the victim of several mental problems.

Sometimes, many families destroy because of such kind of behavior of husbands. Here we are presenting a story for example. There was a boy named Neeraj who used to boast too much. He used to say to his friends that he would made such an impression on his wife on the wedding night that she would remember it throughout her life. He used to say this too that first impression is the last impression.  

His friends used to persuade him that he should not do anything wrong with his wife on the wedding night otherwise it may be very harmful for his married life. He was a boy who paid no attention if someone advised him for his benefit. He used to boast only. He kept on absorbing in his own views. He did the same after marriage as he used to say before marriage.      

He did not talk to his wife lovingly and he seized to his wife as if she were not a human being but an eatable thing. His wife astonished by seeing husband’s behavior and she started to oppose Neeraj. This thing made Neeraj angry and he slapped to his wife. Thereafter, Neeraj pulled her wife’s hair and tore her clothes. In this way, he became successful to rape her wife.

This behavior of Neeraj proved him as a brutal in the eyes of his wife. Ill feelings for her husband took birth in the mind of his wife. On the second day, paternal relatives came to take the wife of Neeraj. She went away without telling her husband. She told everything to her sister in law and refused to go with Neeraj. Her sister in law tried to persuade her but she was not ready to go with her husband. Whole family was startled by knowing this thing.   

Neeraj was frightened by knowing the truth and one day he went to his father in law’s home. He excused to his wife before the whole family. Dispute was solved with great difficulty otherwise their relation was about to break. This story tells us that the husband should behave with his wife rationally. There is no need to force a wife to make sexual relation. A wife is not a foe to whom a man wants to make a slave throughout life. Wedding night should be passed with love and happiness.  

5.     Nowadays, several young boy and girl are in someone’s love. Often, it can be seen in our society. Many young boys and girls go on wrong path due to excessive sexual urge of puberty. They fall in love with opposite sex. This thing should never be told to the life partner by husband on the wedding night at any rate. In addition to, the husband should never ask about her past love affairs.  

Most of men tell about their past love affairs to their wives. A man wants to know about her wife’s past love affairs and he stresses on her to tell about this matter. He tries to ask to his wife about her former lover. He wants to know her lover’s name, first meeting and period of former love affair.

He wants to know about sexual relations too. He asks that how many times she made physical relations. Many women do not tell anything to their husbands but some women tell everything about their former love affair when her husbands encourage to them to tell. This thing is dangerous for both husband and wife too. A wife forgets her husband’s past love affairs but forgetting his wife’s past love affairs is not easy for a husband.

A man never bears his wife’s past love affairs at any rate. On the wedding night, he does not give too much importance to this thing but this thing sits into the mind of the man. He thinks that his wife is characterless. She can attract to other men in future. In this way, married life of couple fills with gloominess. Here one story has been giving here to explain this matter.

Rakesh was got married with a girl named Kajal. He was trying to talk his wife. He wanted to frankness from his wife so that she might talk him openly. He got success in his work and his wife was becoming frank gradually. Suddenly, Rakesh changed the subject. He told his wife that friendship and love affair are common between girls and boys in this modern age. Sometimes, both girl and boy established sexual relation by advancing in love.

Mostly, college going girls and boys make sexual relation without hesitation. Rakesh asked permission to his wife to tell something if she might not angry with him. Kajal gave consent to him. Rakesh told her wife that he had sexual relation with many girls before marriage. He was the monitor of the class during study and several girls used to meet him. Many girls were in love with him and he had established sexual relation with many girls several times.

Thereafter, Rakesh asked his wife to tell her past love affairs. He asked his wife whether she had loved a boy or not. He praised the beauty of his wife. He said that many boys proposed her for friendship and lovemaking. By hearing it, Kajal felt ashamed and she startled suddenly. She felt very strange when her husband asked her such question. She felt shock when her husband asked her about sexual relations but she did not show any kind of reaction. Rakesh was encouraging her wife repeatedly to tell something about her past love affairs.    

She told her husband unwillingly that she had a love affair with a boy. She told that she and her lover loved very much to each other but there was no sexual relation between her and her lover. Just after this incident, her marriage was settled with him (Rakesh) and she broke all the relation with her lover. Now, he is her everything and none other. Rakes felt shocked by knowing his wife’s love affair. His interest in his wife reduced. He felt bad by knowing the fact that his wife had loved a boy before marriage.      

Thereafter, he could not talk her for long time. After sometime, he said to his wife that often it happens. Thereafter, he started to touch and fondle her wife gradually. He established sexual relation with his wife and slept by taking side. Now, Kajal came to know that she had committed a mistake by telling her past love affair to her husband. She thought that she should not tell her past love affair to her husband.      

She kept on thinking about it throughout night. There was a fear in her mind that lest her married life should destroy because of this thing. She thought that she should not have told anything to her husband. Rakesh remained disturbed for many days because of this thing. Hence, we want to tell that nothing should be told about one’s past love affairs to the life partner on the wedding night. A man should not ask his wife about her past love affair on the first night. We should forget our past life because both husband and wife are to start a new life.   

6.     A man should not tease his wife too much on the wedding night. Many women become the point of eagerness for men. A man makes sexual relation in his imagination by seeing a beautiful girl. This thing is done by an excessive sexually excited man.  When such man gets a woman in the form of wife, he wants to know the secret of women’s body. He tries to put off the clothes of his wife when he finds her alone. He wants to make her wife nude.

He becomes too much sexually excited. He starts to touch and kiss his wife’s lips and press her breast. He becomes more excited than his wife is. A man should not tease her wife too much lest he should able to the real work of sexual intercourse. Many men think that their wives should fondle and touch their penis by her hands too.

In many cases, a man ejaculates as a woman holds the penis of her husband. Here one story has been given here to understand this thing. There was a boy named Mohan. He belonged to Bihar. He was an excited boy. He used to talk about a woman’s sex organs before their friends. Often, he used to absorb about sex in his imagination. He thought how a woman would appear without clothes. He kept on thinking about the beautiful breast of a woman.  

He thought how a man would feel at the time of kissing and touching the sex organs of a woman. He used to become too much excited while thinking it. Sometimes, he used to become the victim of ejaculation. When he was 21 years old, he was got married with a girl named Komal. When he went into the room, he found her wife waiting for him sitting on bed. His excitement was becoming high at this time.  

He went towards bed and sat near about his wife. He was very much sexually excited and he lifted the veil of his wife soon. His wife was appearing him as a moon in the room. His excitement became too much when he saw red lips of his wife. He was mad because of too much sexual excitement. He was thinking that the breast of his wife is more beautiful than he imagined.   

Thereafter, he lost control over himself and he started to suck his wife lips with his lips. Komal was not feeling good at this time because her husband was trying to make sexual relation without talking her. She was not sexually excited at that time whereas her husband Mohan kissing him badly. He put off all the clothes of his wife and he was pressing the breast of his wife firmly by both his hands.

Komal wanted to oppose her husband but she could not. She did not oppose her husband because every girl is unknown on the wedding night even though she has strong heart. Face of Mohan was red due to excessive excitement. He was panting because of excessive sexual excitement. Thereafter, Komal put off all her clothes slowly. Now she was completely nude and Mohan wanted to observe a woman in this form.

Komal felt too much ashamed at this time therefore he said to Mohan to switch off the lights but he did not switch the light. He kept of fondling her wife by his both hands. After sometime, Mohan was nude too because he put off all his clothes. He tried to make sexual relation soon but as he penetrated his penis into the vagina as he ejaculated. 

His all excitement became cool within few minutes and he was on the bed soon like a lifeless statue. After sometime, Komal put on her clothes and she lay down on bed too. This night was very troublesome for Komal. She kept on weeping and agonizing whole night lying on bed. Mohan came into his senses after sometime but he dared not to touch his wife. He felt that he would ejaculate soon in if he would make sexual relation again.

He was very worried. He was thinking that he had a sexual disease or premature ejaculation. He kept on thinking about it night. He met several doctors but he was not satisfied. One day, he met a sexologist. He told his problem to him. The sexologist suggested him many tips. Such tips proved very beneficial for Mohan.  

Now, he came to know that he was responsible for the mistake on the wedding night. He should not have teased his wife in the way as he did on that night. On the next morning, he did not play with the body of his wife for long time while making sexual relation. He got success in this time during sexual intercourse. All his problems disappeared gradually. In this way, he saved his married life. This story teaches us that a man should not become nervous if there is problem on the wedding night. He should try to make sexual relation patiently.

7.     Both boy and girl begin to think about sex as their marriage is settled down. A girl thinks about her family, husband’s nature and married life before her marriage. She thinks whether her married life will be successful or not. A boy thinks always about his wife and romantic life. Each idea of the boy is related to sexual intercourse.  

As days of marriage come close, both boy and girl start to lose in their sexual ideas. They think what happens on wedding night and what type of conversation is done on that night. How a woman does feels when sexual relation is made with her. They talk to their friends to know about sex or they study the books of sex. Here we have been presenting one story to describe all these things.

Marriage of Golu was near only a few are rest. Several kinds of views began to strike in his mind as days of marriage were coming close. He purchased many books related to sex to gain sex knowledge but he got no benefit. One day he was sitting with his friend in a room. They started to persuade him what should be done on the wedding night. During conversation, one friend said in a funny style that rare men got pure and unmarried girl nowadays. Most of girls have been established sexual relations before marriage.

Hearing this, Golu became astonished. He asked with his friends how one could know the chastity of one’s wife. At this, one friend of Golu started to describe his imperfect sex knowledge. He said, “Vagina has a membrane which breaks with bleeding when a woman makes sexual relation on the first time. it is the guarantee of chastity. He said, “If blood does not from the vagina, it should be considered that something is wrong with the girl. This thing tells that woman has established sexual relation with someone before marriage.    

All the friends kept on talking on this subject late night. Hearing incomplete sex knowledge by his friends, Golu decided to know the fact whether his wife is unmarried or not. After some days, Golu got married with a girl named Archna. On the wedding night, Golu found no bleeding from the vagina during sexual intercourse. He doubted on his wife’s character. He thought that his wife has made sexual relation before the marriage. He showed anger over his wife and called her characterless.   

At this, Archna swore before her husband not to had sexual relation before marriage. She said to her husband that she never talked any boy before marriage. She told that she never thought about any boy before marriage. She said to her husband to believe on her. She kept on saying repeatedly not to make sexual relation before marriage but her husband did not believe on her and kept on scolding her. He decided not to live with his wife. On the third day, family members of Archna came to take her. She went to her parents’ house.    

She told everything to her sister in law. Her sister in law was too much angry on the behavior of Golu. She knew that Archna never made sexual relation because rules of their family were strict. All the family members were bounded in good sacraments. Her sister in law wanted to talk Golu about it but she remained silent for some days. Golu was preparing to take divorce from his wife Archna. A friend of Golu became surprised by knowing about his decision. He met Golu and asked him the reason behind the whole matter.      

When friend of Golu was talking to him, another friend of Golu who was a doctor reached there. The doctor heard the whole story too. The doctor told Golu that he had become the victim of misunderstanding. He said Golu “Bleeding is not necessary when a man makes sexual relation on the wedding night”. Bleeding from the vagina is not the guarantee of a girl’s character. He said to Golu that hymen of a girl might have broken due to any accident, playing or cycling.  

The doctor persuaded Golu everything clearly and said that his doubt over his wife might have destroyed their married life. He suggested to accept his mistake before wife and to bring her home soon. Now, Golu understood everything clearly and he was repenting on his mistake. On the second day, he went at the house of his wife’s parents. He wanted to talk Archna but she refused to talk.

Thereafter, Golu talked to Archana’s sister in law. She blamed on Golu to have doubt on Archana’s pure character. She said Golu that he should not have doubt on Archna. Thereafter, Golu said sorry to Archana’s sister in law and he requested to her to walk with Archna. He said to her that he was repenting then. Now, he was thinking that he should not have so with his wife. Sister in law of Archna was ready to talk between Archna and Golu.    

Then, sister in law of Archna said to Archna to talk with Golu. Golu accepted his mistake before his wife and assured her not commit such mistake in future. Archna pardoned her husband. Hence, it is clear now that a man should not suspect on a woman’s character if there is no bleeding from the vagina on the wedding night.

Hymen of a girl may be broken because of several reasons. Such causes are playing, cycling, exercising, accident etc. Hence, we suggest to young men that they should not destroy their married life on the base of incomplete sex knowledge. If a man suspect on his wife, his married life can be destroyed.

8.     Sometimes, bad omens take place on auspicious occasion of marriage. Bed omens happen because of several reasons. Several kinds of problems take place because of dowry system. Sometimes, bad omen happens because of dowry system. Sometimes it happens that bridegroom does not get as much dowry as he expected. This is the reason that family member of bridegroom start to torture to the bridegroom. In this way, married life of a couple destroys.

Sometimes, it happens that parents of a girl are not able to give as much money as the family members of the boy expect. In this situation, boy and his parents should not become angry over the bride because the bride is not responsible for it at any rate. The bridegroom should not torture his wife. The man should pay more attention over it.  

Many men show anger on their wives if they do not get sufficient dowry. Family members of the boy scoff to the parents of the bride. To understand this thing we have been describing one story here.  Deepak was a middle class boy.  His marriage was settled down with a girl named Riya. Parents of Deepak demanded a car and two lacks rupee as dowry. Parents of Riya also agreed for it. 

Father of Riya gave two lacks rupees on the day of engagement to the parents of Deepak. All the marriage ceremonies were taking place properly. One day after engagement, Father of Riya was returning home from the bank with money. Some robbers robbed money from the father of Riya on a lonely place. He described whole story before the family members. All the marriage ceremonies had been completed so date of marriage could not be postponed.  

Family members of Riya decided not to postpone the date of marriage. They thought that they would give a car after some days of marriage. Father of Riya was thinking that parents of the bridegroom would show no object. They would make a promise before the parents of bridegroom to give a car after some days of marriage. Father of Riya was too much definite that family members of the bridegroom would show no object. The marriage ceremony was completed with happiness.   

After marriage ceremony, father of Deepak demanded car with the father of Riya. At this, father of Riya told whole story before the father of Deepak and he promised him to give a car after some time. Father of Deepak was rational and he agreed for it. When Deepak came to know the fact, he became very angry but he could say nothing to his father.   

After persuading by family members, he entered into the room for wedding night. He was too much disturbed. His wife was waiting her husband on the bed but he did not talk with his wife because of anger and absorbed into the lap of sleeping. Riya also did not speak to her husband until three hours but after that, Riya asked her husband what the matter was and why he was behaving this way. He said that his demand did not fulfilled by her parent and this is the reason of his anger.   

Riya said to her husband that he did not know the condition of her house. She said to her husband to describe the state of her home. She described the whole story before her husband, which happened with his father. Deepak was not ready to accept anything. He slapped his wife during conversation. Riya started to weep and felt very bad. Both husband and wife did not speak to each whole night and kept on lying on bed by taking side to each other. This dispute disturbed both of them for many days.

A kind of ill feeling for Deepak took birth in the heart of Riya. After some days of marriage, father of Riya gave a car for Deepak. After obtaining car from the father of Riya, Deepak promised to Riya to pass the married life happily but ill feeling produced in the mind of Riya kept on pinching throughout her life. In this way, married life of both became disturbed.

Essential tips important for wedding night:-

1. Often, vagina of most of women remains dry. Hence, a man should lubricate his penis before inserting into the vagina. If man does so, the penis will enter into the vagina easily.

2. If the husband wants to make sexual relation again on the wedding night but his wife is not ready for it, he should not force his wife to establish sexual relation. He should make sexual relation against his wife’s desire.

3. Light in the wedding room should neither too much nor to dim. Sky blue or green night bulb should be switched on in the room.

4. A man should not make unnatural sexual relation with his wife on the wedding night at any rate. He should not use hard sexual techniques. The man should be on top while making sexual relation on this wedding night.

5. Vulgar words should not be spoken by a man and he should not force his wife to speak such vulgar words too. Decency should be adopted by both of them while making sexual relation on the wedding night.

6. A woman should not fear on the wedding night. Many girls are frightened when they reached on her husband’s home because it is natural. They should try to end this fear existed in their mind.

7. If a man asks something to his wife, she should try to answer her questions. The wife should not become a statue at any rate. She should try to answer all question asked by her husband as much as possible.

8. A girl should not stop her husband if he wants to kiss, fondle and press her breast. If the girl is sexually cool, even then she should not stop her husband because it is his duty.

9. If the wife dislikes the activities of her husband, she should show decency and self-restraint. If the woman feels too much trouble, she should persuade her husband lovingly.

10. If the woman was in love with someone before marriage, she should tell nothing about it to her husband at any rate. She should try to surrender completely before her husband.

11. If the husband is kissing and embracing to his wife because of sexual excitement, she can too involve in this activity. If the woman does so, love of the husband will increase towards his wife.   

12. If the husband wants to make sexual relation again but the wife is not consent for it, she should persuade her husband lovingly. The husband should show respect towards his wife.