Weakness and thinness



         A girl with slim, long and graceful body can be the center of attraction for all. Slim girl means not a girl with skeleton body, contracted cheeks, dark circles under the eyes and no breast. A girl with such kinds of features as mentioned above does not the mark of slim body but it is the mark of weakness. The body should be neither too thin nor too fat. A person should have strong and graceful body. Nowadays, girls are too much conscious about their figure and this is the reason that they start to reduce the quantity of meal to get good figure since the adolescence. Sometimes, they do not take meal and do exercises to get slim body and good figure.

Difference between thinness and weakness:

       Many people are thin since the beginning or because of genetic reasons. They do not become fat in spite of having good and nutritive meal. Such kinds of people cannot be called weak because they can do work more than the fat people. In the same way, when fat people are called to walk on foot or lift any heavy luggage, they can do nothing because of their fat body. How can we call such kinds of people healthy people? Some people think that blood deficiency or anemia is the cause of weakness but it is not true. There can be several reasons of weakness and thinness.

Causes of thinness:

  • Sometimes, thinness is genetic and this kind of thinness cannot be called weakness.
  • Often, women of combined families take meal after serving all the family members and consider fortunate by doing so. They think that doing so is their responsibility because whole family depends on them. By doing so, they ignore their health and we can say it their carelessness and nothing else. They know nothing how much and what kinds of meal should be taken by them. In this kind of conditions, they become weak. Sometimes, superstitions come on the way and many women keep fast because of superstitions. Many women reduce the quantity of their meal to avoid fatness.
  • Often, many women keep on envying by seeing other and become irritated. Because of this reason they lose their hunger. Thus, they become thinness.  
  • Some people do not take meal because of their busy life. They become lean and thin because of hard labor. A person should do work according to her body and strength. Rest is also necessary along with labor. Adequate sleep is also essential.
  • Often, girls in villages or even cities are got married in early age. The body of such kinds of girls does develop properly because of too much sexual intercourse or getting motherhood in early age. Thus, they become lean and thin.
  • Sometimes, women suffer from such kinds of disease about which they cannot talk with anyone or become careless about it. in such kinds of disease, women suffer from no kinds of problem and such kinds of disease are related to sex and its symptoms cannot be observed by others. Treatment of such kinds of diseases becomes hard when they become serious. If you feel that you were well before sometime and now you are becoming weak day by day, you should consult to the doctor without delay.  
  • Sometimes, we take good and nutritive meal but do nothing to help our digestion system and because of this reason we become lean and thin. Some people think that lean and thin people have no need to do exercise. Thin women cannot get full benefit of nutritive meal until she takes complete relief and do exercise.

Some tips to get rid of thinness and weakness:

  • Include milk, curd, green vegetable, leafy vegetable, pulses, groats and butter in your meal. If you take meat, fish or egg, it is good for you and if you don’t take such kinds of meal, you can take dry fruits, groundnuts, cheese or sprouted pulses in place of meat or fish. Eating ghee and milk is also beneficial for you especially when your skin is dry. Remember one thing too that light exercise is also necessary along with the nutritive meal.
  • A person should not live hungry for long time. She should eat something whenever she feels hunger. Sometimes, keeping fast once or twice is also beneficial but too much fasting can be harmful for the body. if you don’t feel hunger properly, you should drink whey because it enhanced hunger of a person.  
  • Take banana with milk.
  • Mix honey in milk and drink. It is very beneficial.
  • Take some dry fruits with milk or groats.
  • Taking dates with milk is also beneficial.
  • Prepare pudding by taking raw coconut and milk. Eating it is very beneficial.
  • Shuffle raw egg in milk and drink.
  • Eating ground nut is also beneficial.
  • Taking flesh, fish, egg, butter and ghee with meals daily.
  • Walk in fresh air in the morning regularly. Fill wind in your lungs by inhaling deep breath and then exhale this breath. Drink water in sufficient quantity. 
  • Give up your habit of envy. Be happy and make happy.
  • Take complete sleep and one two hours sleep during day is very beneficial.
  • Treatment is necessary if you are suffering from constipation and indigestion. If you feel the presence of disease in the body, you should consult to the doctor necessarily. Take any tonic by consulting to the doctor if there is any kind of weakness in the body because of any disease.