Wayu Mudra



        In the world, if food or water is not given to a person for some days, he can live for some days but if a person does not get air in the world, taking breath for a minute is very difficult for the person. According to Ayurveda, if vatta, pitta and kapha are in balance in the body, the body remains quite healthy. If vatta, pitta and kapha become imbalanced, many types of disorders occur in the body. The balance of air in the body is very necessary for good health and calm. According to Ayurveda, there are 84 kinds of winds present in the body. Air is the memento of the mind’s volatility. Distortion of the air increases the volatility of the mind. This mudra is used to keep the mind stable on one place.

Technique of Mudra-

        Bend your index finger and join in the root of the thumb. This position is called Wayu Mudra. All the remaining fingers should be kept straight.


        In this mudra, bend both the legs from the knees and sit like Vajra Asana. The spinal cord should remain quite straight and both the big toes should remain joined together. Heels should be kept attached together. Putting the portion of hips on the heels is very beneficial. Persons, who suffer from indigestion or gastric disorders, should do the practice of this mudra for 5 minutes along with asana after taking meals.


  • The practice of Wayu Mudra reduces the volatility of the mind. The vitality air starts to blow in the spinal cord.
  • Diseases as rheumatism, sciatica, gastric pain and paralysis and other diseases disappear by the practice of this mudra.
  • Regular practice of this mudra ends the pain caused by gastric disorder.
  • The pain of knees and knees’ joints, waist, spinal cord and other parts of the body vanish slowly by the practice of this mudra.
  • Neck pain of a person disappears soon by doing the practice of this mudra.
  • The person should do Pranayam after the practice of this mudra for getting good benefits of this mudra.

Special note-

        According to acupressure treatment, the index finger of the hand has special pressure points of backbone. All the disorders of the spinal cord disappear by pressing these points and the spinal cord becomes strong. There are sensitive points of the special portions of the throat in the root of thumb where index finger is kept. The whole body becomes balanced and healthy by giving pressure on these points. Its effect brings glow in the personality of a person.


  • The practice of this mudra reduces body ache, so a person thinks that doing the practice of this mudra will be much beneficial but it is not so. Doing thepractice of this mudra on large scale can be harmful rather than beneficial.
  • When the pain or gas may reduced by doing this mudra, this mudra should be stopped.