Ways to win the body and mind of wife



It is believed that a man has full right over his wife after marriage. The wife has to pass her whole life according to husband. Husband’s house is the shelter place for wife. A husband should pay much attention on his wife because she has surrendered herself before him. He should worry about joy and sorrow of his wife, because it is the duty of a husband. 

A woman surrenders her body and mind before her husband after marriage because she knows that a husband wants the body of his wife first. In another words, it can be said that surrender before husband becomes necessary for a woman after marriage. Sometimes, a woman surrenders herself before her husband completely and she gives full assistance of her husband during sexual intercourse. In this way, she gets the real joy of sex. Sometimes, surrender becomes a compulsion for a woman and she gets no sexual pleasure. Therefore, a husband should not make sexual relation forcibly with his wife. The husband should pay more attention of his wife because a wife wants always to provide all kinds of joy to her husband.

According to some scholars, body of a wife is ready for husband forever but it is not easy to a husband to win the heart of her wife. Sexual pleasure from husband to wife reaches on climax if a husband wins the heart of his wife before getting body. A few people are aware of this fact that to win the heart is essential for a husband before winning the body of his wife. A wife wants great love of her husband before surrendering her body to him. It is the base for a woman to prepare for sexual intercourse.   

The people, who want only body of their wives, complain that they get no sexual pleasure while making sexual intercourse. Such people consider that their wives are responsible for it because they do not know that they are responsible themselves. 

A wife is accused if she does not beget children:-

Family members of in-laws' house want a baby from the bride after some days of marriage. Mother and father in laws want grandsons and grand daughters. All family members want to hear the news of pregnancy from the bride within a year. If there is no child for 4-5 years after marriage, all the relatives start to tease and taunt her by several ways. They call her sterile and barren. She is scolded by the relatives on tiny things. If there is no child after 7-8 years of marriage, family members of the bridegroom start to consider about second marriage of the boy. Some times, it happens that there is no child from the second wife. None considers about the boy because it can be that there is a fault in the boy.     

Sterility is such kind of setback of which none between husband and wife can face. It is a very typical condition for both. In this condition, check up becomes necessary for both and it is the best way to get rid of this problem. If there is fault in husband, treatment should be started soon.

A wife is accused if she has no son:-

In our society, even today, partiality between boys and girls is present. People think that if they have no son, generation cycle of their family will stop. On the base of this notion, family members of a bride torture her until she begets a boy child. Sometimes, several girl babies take birth to beget a boy baby. Such people are not aware about the physical condition of women. They are fully unaware whether a woman is healthy and able to produce a child or not. In several cases of begetting a boy baby, it has been observed that either mother or child saves at the time of delivery. Doing so is dangerous for both mother and child. 

Mostly, a woman is accused if she has no boy and family member say that she has no capacity to beget a boy baby. A woman is tortured day and night to beget a boy baby. It becomes unbearable for a woman when her husband accuses her not to beget a boy. A woman breaks completely by the heart when her husband does so with her because a woman wants her husbands’ support at this time. This kind of uncivilized behavior of husband makes sad to the woman. In this modern era, such kind of thinking shows the symptoms of illiteracy. Such people should think that the birth of a child or girl depend on the chromosomes of both husband and wife.    

There are 46 chromosomes in human being, which are very important. There is center point in man’s sperms and woman’s ovule. Twenty-three chromosomes from 46 chromosomes of each center point have the power of reproduction. Reproduction is completed by uniting 23-23 chromosomes of each man and woman. When the man’s 22 x chromosomes or 22 y-chromosomes unite with woman’s 22 x and 22 x, a child take birth after pregnancy. The birth of a boy or a girl baby depends fully on the chromosomes’ uniting. If x chromosomes of a man unites with woman’s x chromosomes, a girl baby will take birth. When y-chromosomes of man unites with x chromosomes of woman, a boy baby takes birth.     

If a girl child takes birth, woman is not responsible for it. She should not be accused for it because she has x and x chromosomes whereas man has x and y-chromosomes. Woman’s X chromosome should unite with man’s y chromosome necessarily for the birth of a boy baby. On the other hand, when woman’s x chromosome unties with man’s x chromosomes, a girl baby will take birth. People who accuse a woman should know the theory mentioned above. A man has main role to beget a boy child.

Share all the joys and sorrows with his wife:-

Joy and sorrow has a deep relation with each human being. All the human beings have to face these joys and sorrows. A man, who faces these hurdles courageously, gets rid of these problems completely. Scholars say that  joy becomes double if it is shared with others and in the same way if sorrow is shared with other, it reduces to some extant. No companion except wife is better for a husband to share joys and sorrows because a wife encourages her husband and stand with her in all the joys and sorrows. Sometimes, suggestion of a wife given to husband proves very beneficial. Suggestion of wife solves big troubles.

Several people want to reduce grief or increase pleasure by drinking wine when sorrow falls on them or they get pleasure in life. Drinking is not a solution. In this situation, if a man shares all his troubles and pleasure with his wife, there is no need to drink wine.

Praise his wife before others:-

Every human being has such feelings as superiority, inferiority and jealousy. Both husband and wife also have such feelings. Often, a man tells his love affairs before marriage to her wife. He compares his wife to the other girls and women. It is not just, because no woman will bear it that her husband may praise other women before her. Sometimes, these tiny things become the cause of divorce. Several men who work in offices praise their co women partner before their wives. They praise the beauty, attitude, nature, way of talking and preparing food before their wives. Such people do not know the fact that they are doing wrong with their wives by praising this way. A woman feels very bad when her husband praises other girls and women before her.   

Many persons praise their woman co partners before their wives even when they are making sexual relations. The result of it is that wife gets no sexual pleasure. This is the reason that she becomes the victim of restlessness and quarrel on tiny things. To sum it will be better to a man that he should avoid by praising other woman and girls before his wife. A man should praise his wife as much as possible. Doing this will be good for both husband and wife.   

Sexual intercourse by drinking wine:-

Several scholars say that it is the sex, which brings man and woman close together physically and heartily. This is the reason that sexual relation has great importance in married life. If any between the two is not satisfied sexually, heshe becomes unhealthy both mentally and physically. This problem puzzles a woman more than the man. Here it means to say that mostly a woman remains unsatisfied in sexual life. A woman has to face all the problems if her husband has any sexual problem. Besides it, when a man is healthy physically and mentally and is able to establish sexual relations but he makes sexual relations by drinking wine, woman gets no sexual pleasure.   

Mostly men do not understand this thing or they ignore it. The result of it is that she surrenders her body to the husband but she remains far from the husband heartily.

Often, woman does not bear the smell of wine. This is the reason that when a husband makes sexual relation with his wife by drinking wine and he kisses during sexual intercourse, she moves her mouth hither and thither. She wants distance from her husband. Sexual intercourse by drinking wine is only a punishment in place of real sexual pleasure.

After sometimes, such women make a distance from their husbands and sexual urge of them starts to reduce. Such men, who establish sexual relation with their wives, complain that their wives give no assistance during sexual intercourse. A habitual of wine should not drink wine before making sexual relation. Many persons think that sexual relation established after drinking wine gives great sexual pleasure. This thing is quite wrong. Drinking wine gives temporary sexual energy but its regular use reduces sexual power of a man than before. 

At the time of wife’s illness:-

Often, women do not pay attention on their health because of many homely jobs. They ignore normal diseases and keeps on involving in their homely deeds. In this situation, it is the duty of a husband that he may pay more attention of his wife. If wife has been suffering from any disease, responsibilities of husband increase. If a woman belongs to a joint family, members of the family support her fully. If a woman lives in single family, there is no option of support for her except husband. A woman faces several problems in single family.    

Several people pay no attention on their wives’ health though they have been suffering from any disease. A man wants washed clothes and good food on time. If he does not get such things on time, he becomes very angry and scolds his wife badly. In this condition, if a wife says to her husband that she could not complete the work because of illness, the husband remains unaffected and keeps on scolding to her. He forgets that his wife takes care of him and other family members during illness properly. She cares all but none cares her.  

She forgets all relating to herself. She forgets eating and drinking. It is considered that a person does not as much relaxation as he gets from the family members’ service, sympathy and closeness. This thing provides mental strength to the patient. The patient hope to recover soon and all the diseases disappear. If a patient is not taken care properly, he takes long time to recover. Therefore, it is the duty of a husband that if his wife is unhealthy, he should take care of her properly. This is the first duty of a husband than the duty of office.    

Precautions during pregnancy:-

A woman, who becomes pregnant on the first time or after long time of marriage, needs big supervision. Many women are terrified internally. Two kinds of responsibilities fall on the shoulders of husbands and first is the supervision of his wife and second is self-restraint. Often, sensitiveness of a woman reduces after some time of pregnancy, which increases after 5 month of pregnancy. At this period, a woman starts to feel the movement of foetus. She feels the movement of hands and feet of the foetus in the womb.

This is the time, when sensation of motherhood starts to be generated in a woman. This stage is very critical period for a woman and the responsibility of supervision increases. The husband should not behave rudely with his wife because it can affect to the foetus. Therefore, a husband should pay more attention on the health of his wife during pregnancy. He should give nutritive meal and medicines to his wife prescribed by the doctor on right time. It is good for her mentally and she becomes ready to beget a new baby.

Examination of self-restraint starts when his wife becomes pregnant. Sexual relations are prohibited during pregnancy. Sexual intercourse is considered wrong in the early and last 2 months during pregnancy. Besides it, sexual relations should be established carefully in the remaining months. Sexual relation can be made but with great care. It becomes unbearable for a husband. They face big difficulty without sex. Many persons find out second way for satisfaction. Some people adopt anal intercourse while other persons adopt oral sex. Generally, women do not like such kinds of ways of sex but they do not refuse to her husband when compulsion is given to do so. A woman allows to her husband to make sexual relation but she is not ready to make sexual relation. Therefore, self-restraint becomes essential for a man during the period of pregnancy.   

A husband should share his wife in homely deeds:-

Sometimes, a woman falls ill and becomes disturbed physically and mentally by doing different domestic jobs. She has to work domestic deeds, upbringing of children and hospitalizing of guests. In this stage, a woman needs assistance by any one in domestic deeds so that she may get a little relaxation. In this situation, a man should do domestic jobs to provide relief to the pregnant woman. Nowadays, both husband and wife go for work. Therefore, both should finish homely deeds altogether in the morning. Such deeds are as preparing breakfast and cleanliness of home. A man should not feel hesitation while doing homely deeds.  

Some persons spend their morning time in taking tea, reading newspaper and gossiping. At the time of office, they scold to their wife to finish all the deeds soon. A big span of time passes in doing several tiny works of home. Therefore, a husband should help his wife in doing work. A man can share homely deeds by giving help in cooking food. He can get ready to children for school. Thus, all the domestic deeds are settled and she gets no physical and mental disturbances.


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