Ways for enhancing sexual power




When a man or woman feels attraction towards opposite gender, sex becomes very important subject for both since then. They want to know more about sex and they feel no hesitation in premarital sexual relations. Here it is clear that they make sexual relations before their marriage. Their sensitiveness relating to sex keeps on increasing in their mind as much as they get sexual pleasure in sexual intercourse. In this way, sexual hunger keeps on sustaining forever in both man and woman. Each between the two wants to take great sexual pleasure.  

Several persons want to take real sexual pleasure but they cool down soon just after involving in the sexual intercourse. In these cases, such men think that they are the victim of early ejaculation. Generally, such persons are healthy physically but they are ill mentally. They start to think that they will not be able in satisfying their wives during sexual intercourse. They have a fear in their mind that their wives will hate them or quit them after knowing the truth.

This is a mental problem and almost several persons of each profession have been suffering from this problem. It is considered that sexual satisfaction of a man becomes complete after the ejaculation of semen during sexual intercourse because ejaculation of semen is connected with orgasm. Sexual lust of a man never comes to an end. This is the reason that a man keeps on puzzling because of shame and shyness.  

This is not a disease. A man can enhance his sexual power and get rid of this disease if he involves in coition properly. He should have sufficient sexual knowledge before establishing sexual intercourse. He should not waste his time and money by taking medicines from fake doctors and Hakims. He should only pay attention over some special tips. Such tips have been given below.

Do not make haste during sexual intercourse:-

A man becomes the victim of early ejaculation if he establishes sexual relation with a woman in hurry. Therefore, sexual relations should not be made in hurry at any rate. Sexual relation between husband and wife is not a formality. Both husband and wife should not make sexual relations hastily. Several men become sexually excited soon at the time of lovemaking. Their sexual excitement reaches on climax before time and they ejaculate soon during sexual intercourse. Wives of such people become puzzled soon because of this fault of their husbands. The reason behind this is obvious that they remain dissatisfied during sexual intercourse. Here it means to say that their husbands have no capacity to quench sexual thirst of such women. Therefore, men should not show hurriedness when they are making sexual relations with their wives. They should complete this job patiently. By doing this a man not only prolongs the sexual intercourse but also he can satisfy his wife entirely. 

Pay attention over excitement:-

If a man wants to prolong his intercourse with the woman, he should pay much attention over his excitement because it is necessary to him. Enhancement of sexual excitement and long period of this excitement depend over the physical activities of a man. As a person feels that he is becoming sexually excited and his penis is becoming erect, he should stop all his activities. A man should become cool down fully. In this way, excitement becomes normal. If sexual excitement reaches on climax and physical activities keep on continue, ejaculation of semen cannot be stopped. Therefore, a man should not allow his excitement to increase.  

Observe atmosphere:-

Paying attention over the surroundings is very essential while making sexual relation. A man cannot get great sexual pleasure and orgasm mentally and physically until he establishes sexual relation patiently and without fear. A room is given to man and woman after their marriage for sleeping and lovemaking. In spite of it, if there are some obstructions in the surroundings, they should not establish sexual relation in such conditions. Sometimes, a man is called when he is making sexual relation with his wife in his room. This situation hurts too much both husband and wife. This way a man becomes the victim of early ejaculation.   

Both man and woman should not involve in sexual intercourse just after entering into the room. They should talk to each other on any topic after reaching in the bedroom. When both are confident that all family members have been drown into the lap of sleeping then they should make sexual relations. If green or sky blue bulb is switched on into the room, sexual pleasure enhances very much.  

Use of different techniques during sexual intercourse is harmful:-

Several men make their wives laboratory of different sexual techniques during sexual intercourse. Often, men force on their wives to adopt different sexual techniques during sexual intercourse after reading about them in different books. The use of techniques or postures mentioned in different books is almost impossible. A man becomes too much excited if he adopts such kinds of techniques during sexual intercourse. The result of it is that he becomes the victim of early ejaculation. A wife feels in this situation that her husband has been using her as a toy because of which she becomes disturbed mentally and physically.  

No one can get so much sexual pleasure by adopting different sexual techniques as much he gets by adopting normal way of sexual intercourse. Several scholars say that a man, who is making sexual intercourse with normal techniques, should not adopt different sexual techniques by mistake during sexual intercourse. A technique, in which a man is on top, suits for all. In this technique, the penis of the man enters into the vagina deeply and a man can know the expressions of the woman while making sexual intercourse. A man gets strange kind of pleasure when he lies on his wife after ejaculation. Thereafter, quite different technique from the above-mentioned technique has been accepted well.     

In this technique, woman is on top and she makes sexual relations with man. Both man and woman have full control over coital movement. All the conditions are same as mentioned in the technique in which man is on top but a woman gets strange kind of sexual pleasure after ejaculation. Both techniques create no difficulty during whole period of sexual intercourse. Sexual intercourse keeps on continue without problem. No other technique has such kind of quality. In other techniques, no one between husband and wife embraces to each other face to face during sexual intercourse and after ejaculation.  

The penis of a man does not enter into the vagina as deeper as in both the techniques. Sometimes, a man becomes very much excited after inserting the penis into the vagina and he ejaculates soon after involving in sexual intercourse. Both the techniques mentioned above are very beneficial for those persons who are the victim of early ejaculation. Here it means to say that the patient of early ejaculation should adopt both the techniques while making sexual intercourse.

Have a control over self while making sexual intercourse:-

Sex and abstinence are deeply connected to each other. Sexual intercourse cannot be made without abstinence. Generally, it is said that abstinence is the pivot of sex and it is very essential in all the activities. Abstinence is very essential for young persons. Many people make sexual relation as they get chance or in the absence of family members at home. In this way many person establish sexual relation in hurry. Their wives also do not stop their husbands. In such kinds of sexual relations, a man goes on climax soon after involving in sexual intercourse. Here it means to say that a man gets climax in the beginning of sexual intercourse. Fear of a family member’s presence force them to make sexual relations in hurry. In this situation, a man loses control over him and ejaculates soon.  

Besides it, a man does not want to lose the chance of sexual intercourse and he becomes the victim of early ejaculation by making sexual relation in such kinds of circumstances. Therefore, a man should not become the patient of early ejaculation to get temporary sexual pleasure. If a man has not control over him, he will ejaculate soon on the name of sexual intercourse. The woman gets temporary sexual satisfaction if sexual relation is made in this way. Therefore, knowing about abstinence during sexual intercourse is very essential. 

Have control over breathing:-

Excitement, which is forwarding towards climax, can be reduced by making normal breathing during sexual intercourse. When a person feels that ejaculation is near after getting sexually excited during sexual intercourse unwillingly, all the coital movements should be stopped at once. He should loose his body fully and he should inhale deep breaths by closing eyes. He should not exhale breath at once. He should try to stop the breath in the body as much as he can. He should have breath into the body for one minute if he had inhale breath in 30 seconds into the body. He should stop for sometime after exhaling the breath. Thereafter, inhale deep breath again as much as he can. Inhale breath and stop for some. Thereafter, exhale breath gently. Excitement becomes cool if this technique is adopted 2-3 times during sexual intercourse. A man can prolong his time of sexual intercourse very much if becomes success in this technique.   

Foreplay should not be done for long time:-

A man becomes excited by seeing a woman because a woman is made so beautifully and attractively by the nature. Greed and desires to touch a woman of boy keeps on increasing if he had never tasted the sexual pleasure before marriage. There is same condition with a girl too. A man observes woman’s body, touches her body organs, embraces her and kisses her lovingly. In addition to, the man wants the same activities from the side of woman. He excites his wife to do so. It is foreplay. A woman does not become so much excited with these activities as much a man becomes.

A man becomes cool by doing such kinds of foreplays. He touches woman’s body and says to the woman to touch his penis. He ejaculates soon because of excessive excitement before making sexual relations with his wife. In this way, the woman has to suppress her sexual desires in her heart. Hence, the process of Foreplay should not continue for long period. Here it means to say that a man should not enhance his sexual excitement at any rate. Foreplay is only an essential part to begin sexual intercourse but a man should not waste his total energy in this foreplay.

A man should not make arouse his penis at any rate because a woman takes time to be excited for sexual intercourse whereas a man becomes excited soon. This thing should be understood by the man necessarily. A man becomes excited sooner than the woman becomes. Glans of the penis has a very important role in the activity of sexual intercourse. Skin of the glans is very much sensitive. A man starts to reach on climax if this skin is touched by the woman. He becomes cool soon when sexual intercourse is started. The people who become excited soon should not involve in the activities of foreplay. If a man pays attention in this respect, sexual pleasure can be increased to some extant.   

Some scholars consider that persons of weak sexual power should not involve in the activities of foreplay but a woman can feel disturbance in getting ready for sexual intercourse mentally. Such men should not put off all their clothes during the activities of foreplay. A man can play with the sensitive body organs of a woman for some time. He should put off his clothes just before involving in sexual intercourse. If a person puts off his clothes too early, he can become the victim of early ejaculation after touching the penis with man. Sexual relation should not be made in too much light. Small bulbs should be switched on in the room before involving in lovemaking.    

Do not involve in sexual gossip:-

Many persons involve in sexual conversation before making sexual relations because of their habit. Such person talks sexy gossip to excite their wives. They want that same reaction from their wives too. By this thing, a man gets sexual pleasure on one hand and he becomes sexually excited on the other. In this way, such people becomes too much sexual excited to ejaculate before involving in sexual intercourse. Hence, sexy gossip is not acceptable before sexual intercourse. Besides it, a man should not excite his wife with the help of sexy gossip.

A man should talk to his wife on the other topics except sexy conversation. He should not involve in sexy gossip at any rate before sexual intercourse. If he does so, sexual excitement of him reduces on one hand and there is no fear of early ejaculation. If he talks on other topics to his wife, she will take much interest in such kinds of conversation.  Confidence increases by doing so. If a man complains early ejaculation, sexy gossip is the main cause of this problem.

Intoxicating drugs should not be taken before sexual intercourse:-

Many persons think that period of sexual pleasure can be enhanced too much if intoxicating drugs are taken. Several people have wine, Indian hemp, opium and other intoxicating drugs with this thinking in their mind. Such drugs make excited a person temporarily and a person becomes cool soon as he gets sexually aroused. Sexual power of a man starts to reduce gradually and such person lost his sexual capacity before time.  

Besides it, habitual of intoxication behaves like a beast. He loses his senses completely.  He does not differentiate between wrong and good. He plucks his wife with his nails like beasts. A woman keeps on trying to get rid of her husband if he behaves likes this during sexual intercourse. She gets no sexual pleasure during sexual intercourse. Hence, such kind of thinking should be changed by a man soon that intoxication enhances sexual power.   

Be tension free:-

Today, each person has different kinds of tensions. Mostly, such tensions are related with these things as eating, sleeping, body and mind. Tension affects the sexual power of a man. All the deeds can be done with tensions but sexual intercourse cannot be done with them. If a person is too much depressed, he pays no attention towards sexual relations. If he prepares himself for sexual intercourse by anyway, his body does not help him in making sexual intercourse. The man ejaculates soon with sexual pleasure. Several young persons are the victims of this problem and they think that only tensions are responsible for this kind of problem. Tension has deepened its root deeply in life. A person does not get rid of tensions easily from tensions.     


  • Chew cloves properly and apply this saliva generated into the mouth at the back portion of the penis. This formula enhances sexual power of a man. 
  • Mix honey and white onion juice each 10 ml, yolk of two eggs and 25 ml wine properly. Take this preparation regularly. Its use enhances masculinity.  
  • Grind five kernels of almond, 7 black pepper corns and 2 grams dry ginger properly. Mix sugar candy in this powder according to wish and take its quid followed by milk. Follow this process for some days regularly. A person gets rid of early ejaculation soon after its use.
  • Grind pulse of kidney bean with water and toast it in a caldron until it becomes red. Thereafter, make pudding by mixing this ground and toasted pulse in milk. Take this preparation in bronze or silver bowl. Sexual power of man increases by eating this preparation. This preparation should be taken for forty days. 

Enhancement of semen:-

  • Immerse seeds of tamarind into water until covering of them separate. Mix half kg sugar candy in half kg powder of tamarind’s seeds. Take 2 grams this powder followed by milk for forty days regularly. This formula thickens to the semen and early ejaculation disappears.
  • Grind the flowers of banyan tree after drying them in shadow and keep by mixing sugar candy. Take 5 grams this powder with milk regularly twice a day. Semen thickens within a week by its use. This powder can be taken for forty days regularly.
  • Mix 10 grams powder of Indian kudzu in the juice of cluster fig and lick this preparation. Drink ghee mixed milk after taking this preparation. A person, who is not able in making sexual relation at all, becomes sexual strong after using this medicine.
  • Dry soft buds of deshi phool and grind them into fine powder. Take 6 grams this powder followed by sugar candy mixed milk. Its use thickens semen of a man. Besides it, a man gets rid of nightfall and semen with urine by using this medicine. 
  • Prepare powder by grinding Cuddapla amond, liquorice and milky indian kudzu. Take this powder for one week followed by milk. All the problems related to semen ends and quantity of semen increases. 
  • Take by mixing dry ginger, aspagarous racemocus, a little asafetida and deshi loafsugar. Its use strengthens and hardens to the penis of man. A man lives with such penis until old age. Besides it, quantity of semen enhances and the disease named early ejaculation disappears. Jiggery and sour things should not be taken during this treatment.
  • All the diseases relating to semen disappear and semen of a person thickens along with masculinity if a person takes such foodstuffs as mentioned above. Pudding of water caltrop, pudding of the pulse of kidney bean and gram, pudding that has been prepared from egg’s yolk and ghee of cow, sweet of kidney bean and fenugreek, sauce of Indian gooseberry, wheat, rice, puriya which have been prepared with the mixed flour of barley, kidney bean and a little long pepper and pudding of coconut.  

Strengthening of the penis:-

  • Mix fat of pig and honey each in equal quantity properly. Apply this paste on the penis. Its use strengthens penis.
  • Mix asafetida in pure ghee and apply on the penis. Tie a cotton cloth on the penis after this application. Penis of man will become strong and stout within some days.
  • Grind toasted borax with honey and apply on the penis. The penis becomes stout and solid after its use.
  • Grind nutmeg with buffalo milk and apply on the penis. Tie a leaf of betel leaf on the penis after applying this paste on the penis. Wash the penis with lukewarm water in the morning. The penis will become long and stout within 3 weeks.
  • Mix the juice of Bengal quince’s leaf in honey and apply on the penis. All the problems of the penis appeared due to masturbation disappear and the penis will become strong.  
  • Grind the bark of soap nut and pellitory with wine properly. Thereafter, apply this paste on the penis excepting the glans of the penis. A fresh leaf of betel leaf should tie on the penis after the application of this paste. The penis will become strong if this process is used for some days regularly.
  • Apply ghee of nanny goat on the penis. Its use strengthens to the penis and it becomes excited properly. 
  • Extract the juice from the leaves of Bengal quince and mix honey in this juice. Apply this paste on the penis. This application strengthens to the penis.
  • Grind thorn apple, camphor, honey and mercury each in equal quantity. Apply this preparation on the penis except glans of the penis. A man gets masculinity by its use.
  • The penis become strong and stout by using only one thing as mentioned below. Such things are as winter cherry, butter, juice of bastard teak and the ripe fruit of wild egg plant.
  • Mix oil of palath langi, oil of sandah, oil of veer bahuti, fat of peacock, fat of bear, oil of cinnamon, oil of half portion of cloves, four percent oil of fish properly and fill into a broad mouthed bottle. Apply 8-10 drops of this preparation on the penis and tie a betel leaf on the penis too after its application. Follow this formula for one month regularly. Its use ends the flabbiness of the penis and it becomes strong. Avoid the penis from cold water during this treatment.    


A man should keep on cleaning to the smegma regularly while massaging or application on the penis. This smegma should be washed with cold water.

Ointment for enhancing sexual power:-

  • Mix asafetida (heera hing) in pure honey and apply on the penis. This application ends the problem of early ejaculation. A man can ejaculate according to his wish while making sexual relation with woman after application of this paste.
  • Mix oil of cinnamon and olive oil each 10 grams properly. Apply this oil on the penis to get rid of early ejaculation. This application enhances sexual power of a man. Avoid penis from cold water during this treatment.  
  • Apply the juice of black thorn apple on the ankles and make sexual intercourse after drying. A man gets complete satisfaction by using this formula.


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