Watery Loose Motions or Diarrhoea



        This disease occurs because of wrong eating habit and use of excessive food. If someone is not able in digesting uncooked food properly, he suffers from diarrhea because when the digestive system becomes unable in digesting excessive food or uncooked food, loose motions starts again and again. The victim suffers from deficiency of water in the body because of continuous loose motions. In this condition, the victim suffers from excessive thirst and weakness in the body. In this disease, there is gloominess on the face of the victim and the face and body start to become pale.

      According to some people, when the bodily humours (dhatus) make the digestive fire slow by getting disturbed and they get mingled in the stool, the Appan Vayu push them downwards with a velocity.  It is called diarrhoea or loose motions.

        Loose motion, which comes repeatedly without torsion, is called diarrhoea or loose motion. According to experienced persons of ayurveda, there are six kinds of diarrhoea as vatta, pitta, kapha, amoebic, mourn and relapsing. Besides it, it is also considered that blood, fear, swelling, vomiting etc. are also different kinds of diarrhoea. But, there are three kinds of diarrhoea, which are main, as first ‘pravahika’ viz light loose motions, second ‘aamaatisara’ viz amoebic dysentery and third ‘khooni dasta’ viz bloody dysentery. When there is a deficiency of water in the body due because of continuous loose motions, it is called dehydration.  


        This disease occurs because of eating excessive food or such type of foodstuff, which are not digested easily by the digestive system. It occurs because of gastric problems, eating spoiled food and weather changing. Having poisonous foodstuff can be the one cause of diarrhea too. The person suffers from light diarrhoea caused by eating excessive food, spoiled foodstuff, drinking wine and polluted water, eating decayed substances, taking excessive ice, mentally depression, night vigilance, sensation of cold at night, fear, mourn, mental problems, stomach worms and eating spicy and stimulated foodstuff. Besides it, the digestive system is not able in digesting such foodstuffs and becomes the victim of this disease because of the presence of such diseases in the body as mucus colitis, ulcerative colitis and amoebic problems arteries because of that the person suffers from diarrhoea.


        The patient suffers from continuous loose motions in this disease. The skin becomes dry in this disease. Glow of the face, energy and activeness of the face and body start to reduce due to this disease. Besides it, the patient of diarrhoea suffers from pain in the navel, stomach, anus and heart. Anorexia, stomach disturbances, body weakness, shivering of the body, mystification, eyes problems, dirtiness of the tongue etc. are also the symptoms of this disease. In this disease, the patient suffers from water deficiency due to continuous diarrhea because of which he feels excessive thirst.

        There are six kinds of diarrhoea as vatta diarrhoea, pitta diarrhoea and kapha diarrhoea, relapsing diarrhea, mourn diarrhea and amoebic diarrhoea.

Vatta diarrhoea:

        This kind of diarrhea is that diarrhea in which the digestive system becomes slow and the food is not digested properly. In this case, the remaining raw juice start to change in amoebic  (aavan) after reaching in the stomach and this process is called vatta diarrhoea. If hot things mingle in the white soup, it turns into bloody diarrhoea by becoming red. Vatta diarrhoea is called amoebic diarrhea too. Thehttp:// stool comes out with torsion through the anus in this diarrhoea. The stool becomes burst and offensive in amoebic diarrhoea. In this disease, dirty water comes out in light loose motion during evacuation. The victim suffers from excessive thirst, body pain coming out the stool with amoebic slowly and the urine comes out through anus not urinary tract.

Pitta diarrhoea:

        In this diarrhoea, the patient suffers from yellow, blue or dirty loose motion. Excessive thirst, stomach inflammation, senselessness and excessive sweat etc. are the symptoms of this disease. When the patient suffers from continuous vomiting, this is the symptom of jaundice. In bilious loose motion, when the patient uses such types of substances, it is called troublesome loose motions. It is called ‘bloody dysentery’.

Kapha diarrhoea:

        White sticky phlegm discharges with loose motions in this diarrhoea, which is cold and offensive. In addition to, waist pain, thighs pain, body pain, excessive sleep, laziness, nausea etc. are the symptoms of this disease.

Relapsing diarrhoea:

        The patient suffers from white stool or red stool like meat washed water in this diarrhoea. Besides it, excessive sleeping, senselessness, mouth swelling, anorexia and excessive thirst etc. are the symptoms of this disease.

Mourn diarrhoea:

        The stool is thin like lukewarm water in this diarrhoea. Its symptoms are like the symptoms of vatta and pitta.

Amoebic dysentery:

        The white sticky liquid discharges with the stool in this diarrhoea, which is called amoebic dysentery.

Treatment of this disease by mudra (posture):

        The patient should do the practice of sampurama mudra for the treatment of this disease. It ends diarrhea and makes the body healthy. It is also useful in increasing face glow. This is very useful mudra for the diarrhea.


        Join fingers of both the hands with the palms and make fist. Now join fingers of both the hands while opening the fingers of both the hands slowly. In it, the fingers and palms should be in touched form but the middle portion should remain blank. The regular practice of this mudra provides relief in diarrhoea soon.