Steam bath


Introduction :

        Taking bath by vapor is called steam bath. Many types of physical benefits are gotten by this bath. Body temperature remains normal and blood circulates in the whole body properly by taking this bath. This bath is taken in almost all the countries. The weak person can face problems by taking this bath but if the patient is healthy and strong, he can get much benefit soon by this bath. If the patient is weak, steam bath can be given to him by lying down on the cot.

          The cot made by rope is used for this bath. Make the patient lie down on the cot and boil water in a pot and put this pot under the cot but pot should be covered. After that, the patient is covered with 2-3 blankets. The blankets should cover the body of the patient completely so that external air may not enter in the cot. Now remove the pot cover slowly to give steam to the patient according to tolerating power of the patient.

         Steam temperature of water should be 120-150 Fahrenheit to make the steam bath hotter. Thus, when the body becomes much hot than the warmth of the steam, the natural absorbing power to the cold of the body stops and when the body temperature is 105 Fahrenheit, a different type of effect falls on blood veins and sweat veins of the skin because of this augmentation of the warmth. Thereafter, steam bath can be given to the hands-feet, neck and chest easily. There is a technique of steam bath in Russia that first the hot steam bath is given to the patient bath and thereafter the cold bath is given to the patient.

Other use of steam bathe :

  • If the patient has been suffering from excessive phlegm, hoarseness and throat pain, boil water in kettle and steam should be given to the throat and nose. The steam can be given to the throat and nose by applying pipe of rubber or wood on the beak of kettle.
  • Remember one thing while taking steam bath that the temperature of the steam should be as much as the patient is able in bearing.
  • The patient should take hipbath for 15 minutes after steam bath and he should wash his different body parts by rubbing properly.
  • Any light exercise should be done after hipbath. The body is becomes warm and the patient gets relief soon in the disease.