Introduction :

        Mostly, this disease occurs by using polluted food and water. This disease occurs due to eating oily substances and stale food. The whole body of the patient becomes yellow due to the lack of blood viz anemia. His eyes and urine color become yellow in this disease. In this disease, polluted liquids generate many types of diseases after mixing in blood and swelling occurs in the liver. The patient suffers from anorexia.

Treatment of disease by nature therapy :

       The patient of this disease should take friction bath of cold towel first in this disease and he should take complete rest. The patient should take enema of lukewarm water twice a day regularly. Thereafter, he should take enema with cold water.

        Besides it, the patient should take warm pack. In the case of jaundice, if the patient suffers from headache, he should wrap the bandage of warm water on the head and if the patient suffers from itching, he should take sponge of warm water by neem water. These formulae provide quick relief.