Itching and scabies



        Itching is also a skin disease in different types of skin diseases. The patient feels much problem due to itching. There are two kinds of it as dry itching and wet itching. In case dry itching, the patient suffers from itch and dirt comes out after itching. In wet itching, pus or water comes after itching. The patient feels inflammation in wet itching and many physical problems originate.

        Itching occurs because of the accumulation of stool in the body, which generates gas. It occurs in the absence of cleanliness of the body. This disease transfers from one person to another person. Hence, clothes of the victim of itching should never be used.

Treatment of disease by water therapy-

  • If a person has been suffering from itching, he should clean his stomach first. Take enema for cleansing the stomach. The patient should take easily digestible and light food. Complete bath of cold water should be taken regularly in the case of itching. 
  • If itching has increased on the patient body very much and he is suffering from unbearable inflammation and much itching, the patient should take mud bath on his body for getting quick relief.
  • Besides it, take steam bath and sitz bath twice a week to exclude the internal filth of the skin.