Hot foot bath



        Feet are kept in the bucket of hot water in this bathe by which physical temperature remains normal.

Bath technique-

        Fill warm water in a bucket for this bath. Keep one thing in the brain that water should be in the quantity so that water may come to the knees. When the water becomes lukewarm, sit in a chair and put the feet in the water. When the water starts to become cold, change the water or mix hot water in it. Cover to the whole body except only head with a blanket. Blanket should be wrapped in such condition that whole body should be covered by the bucket. In the beginning and middle of this bath, keep on drinking lukewarm water slowly. In addition to, put a wet towel on the head. This bath should be taken for 10-20 minutes. Mop the sweat of the body after taking bath with a towel to dry. You can take bath with cold water too if you want. 

Benefits by warm foot bath -

        Cold, catarrh, senselessness, insomnia, asthma etc. are cured by this bath. Women, who have been suffering from retention of menses, should take this bath because it helps in the treatment of menses disorders. If this bath is taken for 20-30 minutes, it is much beneficial.