Introduction :

            Loose motions are called diarrhoea. It is a common disease, which can take women, men, old person and children in its grip. The patient suffers from light loose motions again and again in it and because of this reason he becomes the victim of weakness. Mostly, children suffer from this disease but if any old person has been suffering from this disease, he feels excessive pain. This disease can be cured easily if it is treated soon. The digestive system of the patient becomes useless and the condition of the patient can be serious.

           Diarrhoea is also called cholera or dysentery in which efforts are done to throw different types of liquids from the body out. If this disease does not stay for long time, it is a symbol of good health.

Cause :

           Mostly, this type of disease occurs because of eating rotten food. Sometimes, this disease occurs due to germs too. Diarrhoea and constipation are opposite to each other in general but they originate because of disturbed digestive system which originates in the body due to warmth in the body and use of excessive food. As a person becomes bulky and other person becomes thin due to same cause in the same way a person suffers from diarrhoea and second from constipation due to only one cause.

Treatment :

           For the treatment of this disease, quit grain meal first and drink only juice. This process should remain continue for many days in the beginning of diarrhoea and without any disease. Take enema of water of which temperature is about 2-3 degree Celsius for treatment. Thereafter, adopt enema of water of which temperature is about 100-105 degree Celsius again and after sometime take anima of normal cold water. If the hands and feet of the patient are cold, wrap them in warm cloth.