Catarrh is a physical disease, which occurs naturally to clean the pharynx and lungs. Inner dirt of the body comes out through the nose because of catarrh and the pharynx becomes clear. Phlegm keeps on discharging from the nose and throat in this disease. This disease takes birth due to excessive cold, drinking water after eating sweet substances and weather changing. Light fever, body pain, anorexia, headache and physical weakness are the symptoms of this disease.

           Sometimes, the victim suffers from cough too in this disease. The patient feels much problem, when this disease becomes chronic. In this disease, the body becomes weak and the victim has highhandedness for cold and warmth. Indigestion and anorexia are the symptoms of this disease.

Treatment of catarrh by water therapy-

  • To cure catarrh, make a habit of enduring cold and open air. A person should sustain his enduring power to face cold and heat.
  • Do some physical work for bringing out sweat from the body.
  • The use of cold pack provides quick relief in catarrh.
  • To get relief in catarrh, take normal (sam) bath 1-2 times in week at the time of sleeping in the night.
  • The patient should take bath of cold water in the morning.
  • In winter season, massage the body with oil by sitting in sun heat.
  • Some physical exercises should be done as walking and swimming for the treatment.
  • Do not take excessive cold substances in the condition of catarrh. Take only nutritive and easily digestible food.
  • Put bandage of cold-warm water on the face to end stiffness of the face and nose. This bandage should be put on the spinal cord too.
  • Jalneti (inhaling water through nose) should be done to get relief in catarrh soon. But, keep one thing in the brain that this activity should be done in the supervision of a doctor.


        Normally, catarrh clears the lungs by excluding disorders from the lungs. Therefore, disease can become serious by supressing or checking catarrh. Therefore, the treatment of catarrh should be done after 1-2 days after the origin of it. Take bath with cold water first and make a habit of walking in open air.