Cancer is a very dangerous disease, which occurs due to the origin of a wound in any part of the body. Treatment of this disease is impossible. There is one solution in allopath for the treatment of this disease and that is operation. However, the operation cures only cancer affected part but this disease enters into the organs and the blood of the whole body becomes poisonous. Death is definite in this disease. However, this disease can be cured by nature therapy.


          Mostly, this disease takes birth because of excessive drinking and smoking. In this disease, filth originates in the ulcer, which decays the body by making it poisonous. Mostly, this disease kills the patient. This disease harms to the stomach, throat, lungs and breast.

Treatment of cancer by water therapy-

        In the case of cancer, there is a chance of the treatment of cancer until the patient has physical strength in the body. the treatment becomes difficult when this disease becomes serious. Different types of water therapies can treat the person, who has been suffering from this disease.

           The patient of cancer should take sitz bath and hipbath twice a day and complete bath of cold water once a day. Paste of mud should be coated on the affected part. Thus, vitality power of a person becomes powerful by adopting this water therapy regularly and he gets relief in pain. The affected part of the cancer becomes clean and pus comes out from the ulcer like normal ulcer by this process and patient become healthy slowly.  

        In this disease, the wounds become suppurated along with pain but the patent should not be worried about it by adopted treatment by different types of techniques. Inner polluted liquid comes out slowly and the patient becomes well.

Meal and abstinence -

        The patient of this disease should live on the juice, half fast and fruit in the beginning so that polluted substances may not originate in the body again. If the patient feels hunger, he should take pure, nutritive, light and easily digestible food.