Water Melon



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           Taking water melon is very useful to remove bad effects of the warmth from the body. Taking excessive quantity of it makes the body loose.Water melon is found in the summer season. Its  s are round and heavy. It has seeds, which should not be taken or its seeds should be separated from it while taking. Taking it in the summer season is useful to quench thirst. Taking water melon is very useful to remove bad effects of the warmth from the body. Taking excessive quantity of it makes the body loose. Some people are considered that water melon causes mental debility. Taking water melon after one hour of meals is very useful.

Color: Its seeds are red, black and brown.

Nature: It is hot in nature. Its seeds are cool in nature and nutritive.

Quality: It increases sperm count.

Precaution: Taking excessive quantity of water melon makes the body loose. Asthma patient should not drink juice of water melon. 

Elements which is found in water melon:

Elements                    Quantity

Protein                         0.1 %

Fat                               0.2 %

Carbohydrate               3.8 %

Water                          95.7 %

Iron                              2 milligrams to 100 grams

Vitamin-E                     1 milligrams to 100 grams

Niacin                          0.2 milligrams to 100 grams

Phosphorus                  0.01 %

Calcium                       0.1 %

Useful in different diseases:

1. Headache:

  • Taking juice of water melon’s morrow is useful to end headache caused by warmth.
  • Mix sugar candy with water melon juice and give it to the patient, it ends headache.

2. Illusion and Insanity:

  • Mix 1 cup of water melon juice, 1 cup cow of milk and 30 grams sugar candy together. Fill this mixture in the bottle and put it in the moon light (on the safe place). In the next morning, taking it for 21 days regularly is useful to end insanity and illusion.
  • Soak 10 grams kernel of water melon’s seeds in water at overnight. In the next morning, grind these kernels with this water and mix some sugar candy in it. Insanity is cured by taking it.

3. Joints pain: Take water melon juice; it provides relief from the joints pain.

4. Vomiting: Taking 1 glass juice of water melon with sugar candy in the morning is useful to prevent vomiting caused by inflammation of the liver which originates after meals.  

5. Constipation: Taking water melon regularly some days is beneficial to break constipation.

6. Fever: Taking water melon is useful to cure fever caused by walking in the sunshine.

7. Dry cough: Dry cough is cured by taking water melon.

8. Penis wound and anuria-dysuria: Fill juice of water melon in the any pot and put it in dew at overnight. In the next morning, mix sugar in this mixture and take it regularly, it cures penis wound and anuria-dysuria.

9. Impotency: Chew 6 grams kernel of water melon seeds with 6 grams sugar candy and drink milk upon it, it enhances the body power by that cures impotency.

10. Mouth blisters: Make ash by burning peels of water melon and apply it on blisters, it cures mouth blisters.

11. Poisonous pimples of the face: Apply morrow of the water melon on the affected part and tie bandage, it cures poisonous blisters of the skin.

12. Anuria-dysuria and stone:

  • Grind toasted seeds of water melon with water and filter it and take, it ends anuria-dysuria and brings stone out after breaking with urine too.
  • Grind water melon root with fresh water and filter it 3 times and take for minimum 10 days regularly, it brings stone out after breaking.

13. Amoebic dysentery (Blood dysentery): Giving water melon to the patient brings out motion problems from the body and stops blood dysentery. Water should not be drunk after taking it.

14. Dropsy: Take water melon; it helps in urination clearly. Consequently, dropsy ends.

15. Blood leucorrhoea: Make the powder by grinding 10 grams red seed of water melon and 10 grams sugar candy together. Blood leucorrhoea is cured by taking this powder with water.

16. Syphilis: Cut a square piece of ripe water melon and remove some morrow from this piece. Fill 250 grams sugar in this water melon and put that piece upon it. Keep this water melon in dew at overnight. In the next morning, drink its inner water some days regularly, it cures syphilis.  

17. Allergy: Taking juice of water-melon with black salt in the summer season is useful to end allergy.

18. High blood pressure:

  • Grind separately equal quantity of kernel of water melon’s seeds and white cuscus thereafter mix together. Taking 3 grams this mixture with water on empty stomach in the morning makes blood pressure normal. It also ends headache and increases sleeping. Its use ends hardness of blood circulation and blood disorders. It also makes the veins soft and flexible. This process should be used for 4-5 weeks (according to need).
  • Juice of water melon seeds contains kurkur posytrine element which is harmful for the kidney. It makes blood pressure normal and cures swelling of the ankle.
  • Taking 1 cup juice of water melon with 1 pinch rock salt makes blood pressure normal.

19. Cracked lips: Grind water melon seeds with water and rub it on the lips or tongue, it makes the lips soft and beautiful.

20. Body swelling:

  • Mix about 2 grams powder of black peppers with about 50 ml juice of water melon and take it twice a day, it reduces swelling of the body.
  • Taking juice of water melon seeds is useful to end swelling caused by kidney disorders.